So, here We Go!

Welcome to my first faith blog. I will be doing these in tandom with the finance blog. Every few days I am coming across a new spiritual gem that I would love to share with my online friends. So here is the first.

I am currently reading a book called “Quantum Glory” by Phil Mason and I will share some of his insights into quantum physics and biblical spirituality over the next few weeks.

Quantum physics is the science of the struture and function of the universe at the sub atomic level. It is a plcae theat blows your mind and gives interesting hints into the mind of God. Today I will introduce you to the concept of the “Non locality” of electrons.

If you can figure out the answer to this conundrum there is a Nobel Prise waiting for you… If we take an electron gun and fire electrons at a surface with two micro slits in, with another surface behind it, then the action of the electron is that of a wave. It has no physical property and simply fans out like a wave, through both slits like waves do and creates the exact pattern you would expect from waves of energy, as in water.

However, if you place a detector device near the slits and record the behaviour of the electrons, they change their behaviour entirely. Instead of behaving like a wave, they behave like a bullet travelling at near the speed of light. They take on physical mass and shoot throught the slits, some bouncing off the edges as they do so. If you leave the detector there and switch it off, the electron “knows” it is not being observed, and resorts to a wave pattern.

This flies in the face of all the laws of science. How can an electron be intelligent? How does it know when it si being watched by humans? How on earth can an electron be both pure energy without physical form and pure matter at the same time, depending on whether it is being watched?

The conclusion that so many eminent scientists are now coming to (John Wheeler among them) is that for matter to exist at the sub-atomic level it must be observed. If you extrapolate this idea out to its logical conclusion you come to the realisation that the universe only exists in material form if someone is watching it!!!!!!!

If that doesn’t spin your head, nothing will. who is big enough to be watching the entire univers at once?

God bless


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