I Went To A Funeral Today

I have just returned from seeing 200-250 police officers, including the Queensland Police Commissioner, send off one of their own, who was my wife’s step cousin. It was a gut-wrenching affair lasting an hour an a half with many tears.

She was struck down with cancer at the age of 43 leaving two teenage children that she was raising on her own. It was a quasi Christian service but many in the 400 strong audience would have been asking the question:

“Why would a loving God allow that to happen?”

Well, the question begs me to ask you, “How much intervention do you want in your life, especially if you have been independent of your creator?” Would you draw the line at cancer and rape? What about child abuse or severe smacking? You see once you go down that road you enter the world of control, which we humans hate with a vengeance.

Our creator loves us so much he gave us freedom. It is a dangerous gift, but it guarantees true love when it is returned to him as a gift from us. A creator who is a benevolent dictator would create far more belligerence from humans than one who allows suffering to occur in a cursed world where most suffering is self-inflicted or caused by other humans.

Finally, think of the human who has suffered more than any other. Who would you think of? Would it be someone who was innocent but tortured, beaten to within an inch of their life, humiliated in front of thousands,then left to die an agonising death? Guess what, that person was Jesus, and he did it for you. So please don’t blame God for human suffering. He knows what it feels like too, and offered his friendship through what he suffered so that you would not have to suffer an eternity separated from the most incredible love and compassion in the universe.

God bless





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