Quantum Entanglement

Let’s now describe the next amazing feature of quantum physics. It is called quantum entanglement and I encourage you to look it up on the web.

Photons are sub-atomic particles that relate to light transfer. All over the universe they have a habit of hitting matter (electrons) and splitting into two. The energy of the new pair is equal to that of the original and they become linked forever regardless of time and space.

Next, as you know everything in e universe spins, from galaxies to sub-atomic particles. Our new pair of photons also spin. One will spin one way and the other will spin in the  exact opposite direction.

Now this is where it gets interesting. If you interfere with the spin of one, the other one will instantly reverse its spin to equalise the pair, regardless of how far apart they are. How do tiny photons have the “intelligence” to know what the other is doing? There is a Nobel prize waiting for you if you can figure that out.

Further down Alice’s rabbit hole we have learnt that is reversal takes place so fast it is operating in a dimension beyond the speed of light. Nicolas Gison did experiments in 1997 that showed this reversal taking place at a rate 10,000 times the speed of light! Theoretically, this reversal could happen across the universe instantly.

It is obvious that we have stumbled on a new dimension hat we humans are completely unaware of, and which disobeys our beliefs about the place of the speed of light as the fastest thing in the universe.

What quantum entanglement shows us is that we are just now beginning to see how God can control the universe instantly, outside our traditional laws of physics. He uses the sub-atomic world as his access point to our world because at that level he can materialise or de-materialises objects (quantum non-locality) or teleport instructions across the universe instantly via objects linked in a realm we as yet have little clue about. The vast universe is shrinking rapidly.

God bless



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