Wake Up Call

Every now and again we Christians get a kick in the pants from our Heavenly Father, and I got one two days ago.

Clever me had drifted into the zone of handling my finances independently of my Lord, which we “clever” men are prone to do. As most of you are aware I have a finance blog and track the global precious metals markets. I made a decision to enter a junior gold producer when I thought we were near the low. I then saw the gold price plunge and bailed out. Since then the price of my precious metals producer has soared 25%. Meanwhile my brother in law prayed about his holdings and God said to him not to sell but to sit patiently, and now he is reaping the reward of having listened to God.

I pouted and fretted for a few days until God dropped the scripture into my spirit from Matthew about seeking first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. Then his soft whispering voice spoke…”this was avoidable if you walked closer to me and submitted your finances to my leading”. OUCH! That got my attention.

God is not a financial kill joy. He said he will add “all these things” if we seek his kingdom first. He just wants us to walk in obedience and connection with him in all things. I am about to embark on a year of training to trade the forex markets and this was just the lesson I needed before entering this world.

God bless


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