Quantum Tele-portation and the Bible

There are several stories in the Bible about people being tele-ported from one location to another. Here is one of them: “Philip baptised him. When they came out out of the water, the Spirit of the Lord suddenly took Philip away…Philip, however, appeared at Azotus.” (Acts 8:39-40)

Most rational people would immediately dismiss this account as fantasy designed to trick gullible first-century semi-literate farmers and townsfolk. However I personally have seen so many miracles that I have always kept an open mind on this story and recently I cam across some fascinating information about quantum tele-portation that pricked my ears.

In 2004 Austrian scientists tele-ported an electron across the Danube River. In 2010 Chinese scientists tele-ported electrons over 16 kilometres. How can this be?

Apparently the sub-atomic world is a very strange one. I have already told you in my blog that electrons have a wave-particle duality and that they can talk to their twin across space outside the limits of the speed of light. It turns out now that electrons can also teleport.

All of these properties of sub-atomic particles lie outside the traditional laws of physics. This tells us there are dimensions to reality that we were not at all aware of until recently, and that contradict our established beliefs. But an electron is not a person so the jump up to the human (Star Trek) level is a huge, and at the moment, an impossible one.

However, if you make the simple assumption that there is a creator who is behind all this quantum quirkiness then it is a very small step to accept that he could manipulate the sub-atomic particles in Philip to move him from one place to another. If he could make a universe, then moving a person is not a big job, and it would still lie within the rules he used to set up the universe.

Science fiction is becoming science. Science is getting closer to the Bible.

God bless


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