Gold ETF Inflows

In the last few blogs I have looked at new indicators of a gold bull market emerging. Here is another.

The 1,35o tonne GLD ETF collapsed its gold holdings last year to under 800 tonnes in response to the market breakdown. This released hundreds of tonnes of gold onto an already depressed market, and these tonnes were scooped up by China at bargain prices. Last month was the first in 14 when there was a net inflow of gold to the fund.

As you can see this is a secular change in trend and augers well for the emerging gold bull market. Be careful trying to trade tops and dips on this new bull, just hang on for the big ride. The link below shows you where this could end up.

We are in a stealth gold bull market at present, but once the US stock market and their dollar tanks it will light up like a Christmas tree.

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