The Origin of Evil

Have you ever wondered where evil comes from?

Have you ever wondered why a loving God allows evil?

If God really loved us wouldn’t he banish evil.

Unfortunately our creator cannot. You see he created us with that most precious of gifts called freedom. This gift of freedom allows us to choose evil. For God to take away evil he would also have to take away freedom. Love is impossible without freedom. God is love, and that’s why he gave us freedom. He took a risk that we would choose evil in the hope that we would choose love.

For God to take away freedom means he would take away our ability to love. Love and evil are the opposite ends of the freedom spectrum. For God to take away evil, he would have to take away all freedom and love. This in itself would be the greatest of evils.

Live a life full of love and you will do your little bit to banish evil.

God bless



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