Are Miracles Possible?

The last two hundred years has seen the rise of naturalism, the belief that natural forces can explain all of existence without the need to invoke the supernatural.

I reject this premise for the following reasons:

1. The universe exists: The scientific community became very uneasy when, in the 1960’s it became obvious the universe had a beginning. So how can it simply appear, as its origins lie before the existence of the laws of physics? It came from nothing, and to claim the universe started itself from a quantum fluctuation is to claim the universe is a cause and an effect at the same time, a logical and scientific impossibility. The first two laws of physics; entropy and the conservation of energy/matter also shout to us that the universe itself is a miracle originating from a higher cause. Entropy tells us the universe is running down so it had a beginning, while the conservation of matter and energy tells us it cannot create itself. The universe is a miracle caused by something outside itself.

2. Life exists: Louis Pasteur once and for all proved that life cannot come from non-living matter. We all accept this as a present day scientific reality. However, evolutionary dogma claims it happened once, just once, a long time ago, and never happened again. So just how did non-living chemicals self assemble with equal left and right-handed proteins, the perfect number of amino acids, 30 thousand blueprints for protein duplication, mitochondria in place and functioning and ATP up and ready to go. Oh, and there is the minor matter of the existence of DNA, required for the duplication of the first cell, but created by the cell. We are back to the cause and effect problem. The most strident evolutionist will always admit they have no idea how life began. This is simply because life is impossible, it is a miracle caused by an intelligence far, far greater than ourselves.

3. Information exists:  Information theory has proven beyond any doubt that information can only come from intelligence. It can NEVER arise from random processes. Yet nature, and life especially, is full of it. The universe exists within the thinnest sliver of mathematical possibilities and perfection, while life is jammed packed with the best information storage and transfer system ever seen in the universe. DNA makes our best computers look like simple toys. A “simple” cell contains the equivalent of no less than 500 million words of information. Information in the natural world is not natural, it is a miracle that came from a being so great as to have infinite knowledge.

4. You exist: With your 70 trillion cells talking and working in perfect union, the most complex piece of matter in the universe sitting between your ears, your five senses feeding 11 million bits of information from the external world into your hideously complex electrical computer system every second, homeostasis keeping you perfectly warm and well fed, digestion supplying all the ATP, chemicals and nutrients needed for every part of every cell, your immune system seeking and destroying the trillions of pathogens that would love to eat you for dinner, and with your hormonal system manufacturing the exact chemicals needed for you to replicate, you are pretty special. The fact that you are conscious and can decide, with free will, what you want to believe is just the icing on the cake.

So please use that consciousness and free will to make a sensible, and not an intellectually impoverished decision, regarding the possibility of miracles.

God bless


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