Heaven Is For Real Movie Review

I’ve just returned from watching a movie adaptation of the multi-million best selling book called “heaven is for Real”…and I blubbered like a baby! It brought back many painful memories of the loss of my own six week old son Mitchell in 1986.

I had read the book last year and was very touched by this small four year old child’s recollection of his experience of heaven while undergoing an operation for a ruptured appendix. He met Jesus, his grandfather and his unnamed sister who was lost before birth and that he had never been told about.

the film is beautifully filmed. It is witty and real, giving me a glimpse into the battles the family faced after their little boy started dropping bombshells about his experiences in heaven. A highlight is the end of the film when, after denying at Jesus looked like any of the portrayals we see in popular  Christian books, he recognised his face from a painting by the child genius Akiane, who had her own experiences of Jesus on the other side of the world as a child a few years before and who then painted what she saw to perfection as a small child.

For me though the movie brought back memories of losing my son Mitchell at the age of six weeks in 1986 to a drunk driver who hit our car and killed my wife, son and brother in law Stephen. The memories came back from left-field and I lost it several times during the film. Death hurts, but I too know from my own experience the night after my own loss that heaven really is for real.

in my next blog I will tell you what happened that night.

God bless and go see this movie!


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