Koran Backs The Bible

In the Koran, Surah Yunus 10:94-95, says the following:

So if you are in doubt, [O Muhammad], about that which We have revealed to you, then ask those who have been reading the Scripture before you. The truth has certainly come to you from your Lord, so never be among the doubters. And never be of those who deny the signs of Allah and [thus] be among the losers.”

This scripture creates a dilemma for faithful Muslims as it clearly states that any dispute as to the meaning of the revelations in the Koran can be cleared up by reading the prior revelations of Allah. Islam claims to be the completion of the series of revelations Allah gave to Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Therefore the prior scriptures being referred to here can be nothing less than the Old and New Testaments. Muhammad is being told by Allah to refer to the Bible to clear up any confusion about his revelations.

Many faithful Muslims around the world are starting to do just this. The book I referenced this blog from today is called “The Way To Heaven Through The Light Of The Koran.” By S. Baroi. I personally met Mr Baroli in India in 2009 and he gave me this book. At the time he was the leader of a fast growing movement of 12,000 Muslims who, through reading the Koran had come to the truth by referring back to the previous scriptures Allah revealed in the Bible. He himself become a follower of Isa purely by reading the Koran!

His movement does not call itself Christian, but Perfect Muslims. They have kept all the cultural aspects of Islam but have obeyed the many pointers in the Koran that have led them to faith in Isa (Jesus). They go to the mosque but then meet in homes to explore the teachings of the prophet Isa.

In future blogs I will explore in more detail this theme of Muslims turning to Isa as it is becoming a major, yet little known global phenomenon.

God bless


1 thought on “Koran Backs The Bible

  1. The Yunus (Jonah) sura is Meccan and as with the Meccan suras Muhammad was out to tempt Jews and Christians in and around Mecca into his new religion. After his hadji back to Mecca from Medina, the ‘Medinan suras’ abrogated the Meccan ones, particularly the appeasement to the ‘people of the book’.

    That being said, this is one avenue for Muslims to the truth that can lead to other avenues, and then to Jesus (اليسوع المسيح al yeshua al mesih).

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