In 100,000 Years The Human Race Will Be Extinct

Ever since Hugo de Vries discovered mutations in the 1890’s they have been given a central role in evolutionary theory. If evolution is true then this is the very mechanism by which we became human.

But true science is based on evidence not theory. Evolutionary theory tells us natural selection weeds out dangerous mutations. However, this can only occur if the mutation is so bad that the individual cannot reproduce. All other mutations are passed on and accumulate.

This leads us to the FACT that humans are now averaging over 100-300 mutations in their reproductive cells per individual per generation. We are all now mutants!

However, nowhere in the history of science have mutations been found to positively increase genetic complexity. Even among evolutionary apologists who search for examples of mutations that are beneficial, the best they can do is to cite damaging mutations that have beneficial side effects. In the real world of medical science mutations are universally regarded as dangerous. They are a fundamental cause of ageing, cancer and infectious diseases.

Somewhere between a few thousand and a few million mutations are enough to drive a human lineage to extinction. At the current rate this is likely to occur over a time scale of between ten to a hundred thousand years. If you think about the genetic mutations in your family, I am sure you can come up with quite a few very quickly.

The current rate of human genetic decline is 1.5% per generation. If only 98.5% of the next generation can produce viable children then the following table plots the years to extinction for the human race.

Estimated number of generations and years to extinction for populations of various sizes, when fitness declines by 1.5% in each generation.

Like rust eating away the steel in a bridge, mutations are eating away our genomes and there is nothing we can do to stop them. Yet mutations are supposed to be the foundation of evolution. Yeah right! But it does match perfectly the theory that we were made perfect by a benevolent creator and have been subject to biological decay since we rebelled against his wisdom.

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