Pornography: The Silent Plague

I read an article about the sweeping influence of porn on Christians yesterday that prompted this blog. How big a problem is it? Its huge, and no one wants to talk about it, which made it the perfect topic for my blog!

First some statistics from the website Covenant Eyes:

Mobile device porn will be a $2.8 billion dollar global business by 2015

35% of teenage boys have watched porn too many times to count,most of them are boys

Most children see their first porn at the age of 11, and they are viewing young females

64-68% of men and 18% of women watch porn at least once a week. On top of that another 17% of men and 30% of women will watch porn at least once a month. Which makes it almost universal.

65% of male, and 50% of female university students, believe porn is a perfectly acceptable social activity

56% of divorce cases in America involve one party having an obsessive addiction to porn. Most pedeophiles are porn addicts.

Those who are happily married are 60% less likely to view porn, while regular church-goers are 26% less likely to view porn

7% of porn actors have HIV, 66% have herpes and only 17% use condoms. Drug abuse in the industry is almost universal

So, it’s a massive problem and one that is engulfing our teenagers. They are growing up with a distorted view of the beautiful sexuality God originally created us with. We have progressed from viewing sex as an act of procreation in a family, to an act of romance, to an act of self-pleasure. The cost to our culture in a generation from now will be horrific as the nervous system of our young people are being hard-wired to a sexuality that is completely alien to the real world.

Yet I am not here to condemn. Those who watch porn, especially the young, are living in a culture that is porn saturated. From advertising, to fashion, to “family” TV shows, to the internet, to the gay marriage debate, it is in our faces constantly. Satan is using sexuality to enslave the western world.

At this point i would like to draw your attention to Rebecca’s story of living with a husband addicted to porn. It is from the website which is an Australian site dedicated to helping believers escape the spiritual and emotional snare of porn. The end of the story is instructive as it shows the transforming power of grace toward those who are trapped in porns vicious cycle.

Some tips to help if you are trapped or tempted by porn:

First, put a filter on your technology. The first thing I did earlier this year when I bought this laptop was to put a porn filter on it. It took 4 minutes and was free. But this is only the first step.

Second, and most importantly, become accountable. Find a buddy of the same gender who can challenge you on a regular basis and who can pray for you. This is crucial to breaking free. It will take time for your nervous system and world-view to return to normal. You MUST have that support.

For those of you who know someone who is viewing or addicted to porn, please don’t condemn them. Pray for them, show them grace, and offer to help. We Christians have the example of Jesus to follow, who did not condemn the publicans and sinners, who did not condemn the prostitutes, but showed grace and transformed them into children of God. We are all sinners saved by grace.

God bless







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