The Scientific Method Is Biblical in Origin

The scientific method has revolutionised the world and unleashed the greatest era of prosperity we have ever seen. It has lifted billions out of poverty and misery. It allows us to live at a level of luxury undreamed of three hundred years ago. But where did it come from? All game changing ideas come from major worldview shifts and it was the shift from a stale Catholic worldview to the fresh dynamic of a Protestant worldview that ushered in the scientific revolution. Let me quote from Peter Harrison, professor of science and religion at Oxford University:

“Had it not been for the rise of the literal interpretation of the Bible, and the subsequent appropriation of Biblical narratives by early modern scientists, modern science may not have arisen at all. In sum, the Bible and its interpretation have played a vital role in the development of western science.”

How did this Biblical worldview create the scientific method? Here are six ways of thinking embedded in it that come directly from Biblical Christianity:

1. There is such thing as objective truth. This seems obvious in our modern world but is actually under intense attack by Post Modernism and the New Age movement. It only seems obvious if you have been brought up in a Biblical worldview, which most western citizens are.

2. The universe is real, because God created it. It is not an illusion.

3. The universe is orderly, because God is a God of order and law. Many of the worldviews, including Islam, reject this premise of order.

4. Knowledge of the world can increase through investigation rather than meditation or pure thought, as the ancient Greeks and Hindus taught.

5. Man can and should investigate the world because God gave us a dominion mandate.

6. Man has free will and can initiate new ideas and actions. We do not live in a deterministic universe.

And who were the men who started thinking like this? Here is a sample of the Christians who laid the foundations of modern science:

Isaac Newton (gravity, temperature, light, co-inventor of calculus)

Francis Bacon (scientific method)

Galileo Galilei (physics and astronomy)

Johann Kepler (astronomy)

Lord Kelvin (physics, thermodynamics)

Robert Boyle (chemistry)

John Flamsteed (founder of the Greenwich observatory)

Carolus Linnaeus (taxonomy, biological classification)

John Dalton (atomic theory, gas law)

Luis Pasteur (microbiology)

Gregor Mendel (genetics)

Max Plank (quantum physics)

So, the next time a friend tries to tell you Biblical Creationism is dumb, and that modern science has all the answers, just remind them that it took Creationism to invent it, that Creationists founded nearly every discipline in modern science, and if it wasn’t for them your friend would still be living in a medieval village tilling the ground.

God bless



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