Four Religions Compared

Aspect Hinduism Buddhism Christianity Islam
Creator The creator is the soul/spark of the universe, with a multitude of gods as expressions


The issue of the creator is not addressed as it is not seen as relevant to the issue of suffering The creator, Jehovah, is our father. Jehovah is a Trinitarian being The creator, Allah, is our master. Allah is one



Reincarnation up and down a ladder of life based on how well we lived (karma). Heaven (nirvana) is the ceasing of reincarnation and rejoining the Brahma spirit


Reincarnation based on a continuous loop of life, no ladder of existence. Heaven (nirvana) is the ceasing of existence (suffering) We live once, then enter either heaven or hell based on our response to the offer of adoption into Jehovah’s family. Access to heaven guaranteed We live once and then either heaven or hell based on our obedience to Allah’s rules for living. Access to heaven not guaranteed
Ethics Law of karma. Live morally and obey caste expectations Law of Karma. Suffering is the issue. All moral effort should be to help alleviate suffering Ethics begins in the heart of Jehovah. He has given humans these standards and they are how we should live


Ethics is esteemed but subordinate to the character of Allah who can do both good and evil as he wills
Status &


Elitism entrenched through the caste system. Priestly caste has all the power and privilege. Non-Hindus treated with respect


Caste system rejected. All people are equals. Non-Buddhists treated with respect All followers of Jesus are priests. There is no more any priestly class. All people to be loved All power belongs to Allah and he gives it to Muslims. Non-Muslims treated as inferior
Spirit Deeply entwined with the spirit world. Occult and New Age practices wide spread Philosophical Buddhism not interested in the spirit world, folk Buddhism involved in ancestor and spirit worship Spirit world divided into good and evil. Power over the evil side given to followers of Jesus Spiritual aspect of life given lip service. Jin said to inhabit many localities. Folk Islam involved in some aspects of occult. Mohammed was very superstitious


Key point Worship of idols as expressions of Brahman and obey caste rules The destruction of desire which is the cause of all suffering The worship of, and relationship with Jesus, the human expression of Jehovah


The worship of Allah and obedience to the teachings of his prophet, Mohammed

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