Essay: Are People Born Gay?

Just a quick note to let you know I have completed and posted anew essay on the site. This only happens about every six months!

I have created a new tab called “Culture” and added my first essay under this heading. It is a 5,000 word analysis of the many genetic and environmental arguments in the homosexuality debate on its origins.

I go through brain structure, hormonal effects, twin studies, family structure, the “gay gene, changes in sexual orienetation,  are gays 10% of the population

Spoiler Alert: Here is a snippet…

“Edward Wilson, the father of socio-biology denies determinism: “Scientists never speak of genes causing behaviour except as a kind of laboratory shorthand and they never mean it literally” (What Philosophers Think p 65). To emphatically illustrate this point, the American Association of Gay and Lesbian Psychiatrists, has publicly said that “There are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological aetiology for homosexuality” (”

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