Stephen Hawking’s Grand Deception

Two days ago I posted a new essay. It only happens every few months as they are balanced between all my other life responsibilities!

This time it is a book review/critique of Stephen Hawking’s 2010 book titled “The Grand Design” in which he made the very bold claim that science can now answer the question of the origin of the universe without any need for an outside agent. In the book he says “because there is a law of gravity, the universe can and will create itself out of nothing.” (P. 180) Quite a statement, and quite self contradictory, even to a school student!

After reading John Lennox’s excellent short book he wrote in response to Hawking, I decided to summarise it for the my setfreeseminars website, and in my usual fashion, extend his ideas, add some extra information and search out what other scientists were saying about Hawking.

if you would like to read it it is under the Science tab.