The Approaching De-population Bomb

I have posted several articles over the years on the ticking time bomb of demographics. The link below takes you to a another disturbing article.

The financial and spiritual implications are enormous and explain much of what is happening in the world today, for example:

1. Why Europe is importing so many Muslims and Africans

2. Why debt levels are rising exponentially

3. Why interest rates are continually falling

4. Why health budgets  in the developed world are under enormous strain

5. Why Islamic extremism is running rampant in poor Middle Eastern countires

6. Why Christianity is collapsing in the west, but exploding in poor countries right around the world, including Mulsim countries.

7. Why the world is about to become a lot poorer.

The cosy consumer oriented world of the western baby boomer is coming to an end. The global domination of the white westerner is coming to an end. The colonisation of the west by the rest has begun, and the greatest spiritual harvest of souls in the history of the world has also begun. What an interesting century we live in…