What’s Really Happening in Syria

It takes a while to get your head around the fast moving events in Syria. I am no apologist for the Russians or the Syrian government, with their massive violation of human rights and human dignity. However we also know that America’s number one goal is the overthrow of the Assad regime, not the destruction of ISIS. Why? Well it has a lot to do with trying to weaken Russia’s stranglehold on European gas imports via a new pipeline from Qatar to Turkey.

With that in mind I think something fishy is going on at the moment and we are not being told the truth by Washington. Let me take you through the events of the last two weeks:

  1. There was the brokered ceasefire that was going to lead, after seven days, to a significant level of cooperation between the US and Russian defence in routing ISIS. This would significantly unwind the heightened tension between Washington and Russia that has built up over the last decade, and especially since the war in Syria began. However, the head of the Pentagon, defence secretary Ashton Carter, has been openly opposing any deal with Russia.
  1. Then there was the “accidental” American allied bombing of a Syrian Army base resulting in the killing of 62 soldiers and the wounding of a hundred more two days after the ceasefire began. This was at a time when the Syrian Army had opposition forces in that area on the run.
  1. This was followed by an assault on that base by these American allied rebels, in direct contravention of the ceasefire, The Syrian government then claimed the ceasefire was violated some 300 times in the next few days. There is no way to verify this claim.
  1. A few days late there was the bombing of an aid convoy by a weapon that looked suspiciously like it came from an American drone, but was blamed on Russia and Syria.
  1. So who destroyed the ceasefire? It looks suspiciously like the American military did it, against the wishes of the President and John Kerry. The only possible motive for this is that the American military want nothing to do with Russia. Cooperation for them is anathema.
  1. With the breakdown official, Syria, Russia, Iran, Hamas and Iraqi Militia have now launched an all-out offensive to finally crush all US allied opposition forces in Aleppo. Contrary to popular myth, Syria’s largest city is not in the hands of ISIS, but rebels aligned to America. When Aleppo falls America will have lost its last major bargaining chip in the conflict.
  1. Checkmate.

I hope this helps you understand things a little better