Why a Bernie Supporter is Voting Trump

Below is the executive summary of a huge manifesto on why a highly intelligent and left wing voter cannot vote for the extreme right wing Clinton, but can vote for the progressive socialist Trump. It is fascinating reading and a real revelation as to how Trump is so much closer to a rational democratic, average persons position on social issues, big banks, the military/industrial complex, global terrorism, than the neoconservative war monger int Clinton. A fascinating read…

Here are the ten key issues:

1: Sanders favors “breaking up the big banks.” Hillary Clinton opposes that.

2: Sanders has fought consistently against Obama’s mega-‘trade’ deals. Hillary consistently favored them.

3: Sanders favors working with Russia against jihadists in Syria. Hillary opposes that.

4: Sanders says jihadists are America’s top foe. Hillary says both jihadists and Russia are equally anti-American, equally dangerous to America. Hillary is simply a neoconservative; Sanders isn’t. Her having voted to invade Iraq was no mistake on her part; it was consistent with her entire international outlook, all of which is neoconservative, like invading Libya, Syria, etcetera. Bernie’s vote against invading Iraq was likewise consistent with his international outlook.

5: Sanders has been consistently opposed to fossil fuels. Hillary has aggressively supported them.

6: Sanders says that the system is rigged. Hillary says that it’s not.

7: Sanders says the system is rigged specifically against the poor. Hillary says the problem that keeps people poor is instead individual bigots — against Blacks, Hispanics, women, gays, etc. Not the system itself. She is proud to represent the system. She’s not against it. She’s for it.

8: Sanders’s political career has been financed by small-dollar donations. Hillary’s has been financed by mega-donations.

9: Sanders favors every possible means of reducing the influence big-money donations to politicians has over politics. Hillary opposes that idea.

10: Sanders favors socialized health insurance, like exists in the European nations that spend per-capita half what America does but have higher life-expectancy than America does. Hillary opposes that — she favors the existing profit-based system of health-care, and opposes the European system where basic healthcare is a right, no privilege (that’s based only on ability-to-pay).

Here is the link to the full article…