American Election Polls Grossly Biased

Check out the link below. It xposes the utter nonsense of Hillary Clintons 11 point lead in the presidential opinion polls straight after the second debate. This is how they did it:

1. The Wall Street Journal and the Murdoch press used a polling organisation called Hart Research Associates (HRA)

2. HRA deliberately used a sample that was skewed toward Democrate respondents (36%) verses 29% for Republicans. This does not agree with national data.

3. HRA were employed by the Obama election campaign, and are currently employed by the Clinton election campaign!

4. In the month of September alone HRA received over $170,000 from the Clinton campaign for services provided.

Here is the link so you can see for yourself that all of the above is absolutely true

…so please ignore every opinion poll before the US election. The real poll will be on Election Day. Remember Brexit, all polls showed a decisive win for the remain camp. They were wrong. Will the US Election prove to be a similar debacle? Time will tell.