House Church: Do’s and Don’ts

“I spent ten years on the house church journey, seeking to disciple those Jesus drew from our neighbourhood, discipling my own children as they watched and caught the vision of our journey and anyone who came to our home church via meal invitations, social settings and relationship building. It was a great journey until my wife endured a four year cancer journey and we had to put it all on hold. We learned so much about true Christianity, the ministry of Jesus and the continuing ministry of the Holy Spirit. The highlight was attending the inaugural world house church conference in New Delhi back in 2009. In four days we got a glimpse of what God is doing globally.”

That paragraph is the beginning of an essay I posted this morning about our journey. It began as a letter to a church leader in a country ending with “stan” who has been forced by the government to transition from a traditional western church structure to house church, and who requested information and insight on how they work.

If you would like to read more of that essay please click here.