The Genetics of Genesis: Part Two

Recently I posted some fascinating genetic discoveries that confirm the truth of the book of Genesis: That we all came from a single woman and a single man, in recent history.

Yesterday I found some more evidence to back up this claim…

We now know, via the recent study of 1,092 human genomes that the accumulation of mutations has resulted in about 3.6 million nucleotides/alleles/base pairs of the human genome now becoming corrupt. That is about one in a thousand.

If genetic entropy and Genesis are true we would expect to see higher quality genomes the further we go back into history. This is exactly what we find. Sequencing of the genomes of a male palaeo eskimo that lived 4,000 years ago found he only had around 450,000 nucleotide mutations. Such rapid deterioration of the human genome is clear evidence of genetic entropy.

These two figures give us a clock to work out when the human genome was perfect. If you extrapolate further back in history you find we arrive at a perfect human genome around 4,000BC, around 250 generations ago.

Moving forward another 250 generations brings us to a point close to extinction.

This story is getting bigger and bigger!