The Issue of the First Cause

Who made God?

This argument is often used by atheists to discredit belief in a creator. Bertrand Russell, Richard Dawkins and Phillip Adams have all used this argument in public speeches. It is a variation of the first-cause question, the most important question in all science, philosophy and religion.

When a belief system gets to its first cause, that cause must be eternal, otherwise we simply ask “well, what made that?”, and then we say “and what made that?” etc. This line of questions will continue until we get to an eternal first cause. So the statement “who made God” is therefore irrational. By invoking a creator, creationists invoke an eternal being. Nothing comes before an eternal first cause.

Who Made the Universe?

A universe without a creator begs the same question: What came before the universe. This is a big problem for evolutionists. The laws of physics do not allow for an eternal universe. Thermodynamics tell us that the universe moves through time with decreasing available energy, or toward increased entropy. Put simply, it is wearing out. Therefore the universe cannot be eternal, or it would have already run out of energy.

To get around this problem evolutionists now invoke a “bouncing” universe. The idea goes like this: Before the big bang there was the big crunch when the previous universe was collapsing. Before that there was the previous big bang, etc. This bouncing universe has gone on forever. First cause problem solved. But even with a bouncing universe there is still no mechanism for an eternal source of energy. Like a tennis ball, sooner or later it will stop bouncing.

Therefore the source of the universe and its energy cannot be the universe, or any physical process. No matter how far we “kick the can down the road”. The cause of the universe can only be non-material and eternal. This source must also be more powerful than the universe and know everything about it. There is no escaping the need for a creator.

But if you say “In the beginning God made the universe”, for some reason everyone laughs at you!