Things Get Weird Inside The Atom

All matter is made of atoms. If it doesn’t have atoms it doesn’t physically exist. Atoms don’t grow old, they cant be created or destroyed by anything. There are 112 different types of atoms. A group of identical atoms are called an element, eg oxygen. We are made of atoms. When we die our atoms get recycled.

If we take water and imagine a single drop, how many atoms do you think would be in that drop? A million? A trillion? How about 6 sextillion! This is what a sextillion looks like:6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That’s a whopping lot of atoms!

If each hydrogen and oxygen atom in that drop of water was enlarged 1mm so you could see it, then the drop of water would have to become the size of Tasmania. If a tennis ball is magnified to the size of the earth, then the atoms in the tennis ball would be the size of the original ball.

An atom is made of  protons, neutrons and electrons. At the centre of the atom is a incredibly small nucleus made of protons and neutrons. But it is where most of the weight is. Electrons, which are 2,000 times lighter, orbit the nucleus at a great distance and at almost light speed. They are in a state of absolute frenzy. They are therefore immeasurable. If the atomic nucleus was the size of a speck in the middle of a room, the electrons would be hurtling around out near the walls.

The speck and room analogy tells us that the atom is 99.9999999999999 empty space. This means everything in the universe we think is solid is practically not there. Solid things are little more than force-fields. Only a black hole, where gravity has collapsed the space in the atom, is solid.

Protons and neutrons are made of even smaller parts called quarks. Electrons are made of leptons. There are 1,000 quarks inside the atoms nucleus. And then there are even smaller particles called neutrinos and plancks. At this point we enter the world of strings.

Strings theory tells us that plancks give way to vibrating, oscillating loops of energy, called strings. So, matter is simply the “cloak” that the real substance of the universe, energy, wears so it can be visible! If a single atom was the size of the solar system, then a string would be the size of a tree on earth.

The sub-atomic world does not obey the rules of standard physics. Quantum mechanics take over. In this world electrons can change their existence. Sometimes scientists measure electrons and they show all the properties of matter. They can be fired like a bullet. At other times, under different conditions, they act like waves of pure energy. The mass has vanished! This is supposed to be impossible.

Scientists have now discovered that the electron is smart. Example One: If an electron knows it is being measured it will act like matter. When it is not, it will disappear and become a pure wave of energy. Example two: That same electron also knows in advance if it is going to be measured and does the same matter wave split in advance of being measured. Both of these are “scientifically” impossible!!!

We have only just begun to explore the sub-atomic world and it disobeys many laws of science. It also displays attributes of intelligence! I believe it is the pathway by which our creator access our world.

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