What is the DNA code?

The human genetic code is ingeniously hosed inside each cell. A single “letter of genetic instruction is called a nucleotide. Humans have about 3 billion nucleotides of genetic letters in their genome. It is an instructional code housed in a chemical language. Those nucleotides are equal to about 500 million words of English. If the DNA molecule was unravelled, the full 2 metres holds 1.5 gigabytes of information. Because you are made up of about 50 trillion cells, there are about 75 trillion gigabytes of information inside you right now, or about 50 billion kilometres of DNA.

All of your 3 billion nucleotides are housed in a spiral “ladder” called a double helix. The double helix is wrapped around histones, which are wrapped around nucleosomes…and this process goes on up through nine ever larger levels until we finally come to a complete chromosome super-coil about 5 cm long.

The entire DNA sequence is called a genome and codes for about 23,000 specific sub-units called genes. Genes can be thousands or millions of nucleotides long. Chromosome number one, the biggest, has 250 million nucleotides. Each gene codes for a specific combination of up to 50,000 proteins and therefore a distinct feature of you, or any other living organism. This is why we talk about genes so much. It’s where we can literally see the difference in each other.

DNA is the most efficient information storage system in the universe, far superior to anything humans have ever constructed. Where did the most complex and perfect code in the universe come from in the first place? No evolutionary scientist has an adequate theory as to how it originated.

This is because the DNA code is essential for the production of protein based molecular machines that enable every cell to function, but these very same machines are essential for the DNA to be unpacked and get the code out. It’s a classic chicken and egg dilemma. Both had to be created instantly and together. This conundrum has led to at least seven different theories as to how DNA originated. One researcher calls them all a “dreary, vicious circle of dead-end concepts“.

We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. Yet another reason why I believe in a creator, and Jesus is that creator!