The Transgender Agenda

Last weekend I attended an important seminar on the transgender movement. Three members of parliament were there also, collecting information to be better informed. Below are some of the notes I took…

Transgender is a person’s chosen gender other than what is recorded on their birth certificate. Facebook offers users a choice of 56 gender identities. I’ve been told the list is now into the 70’s and rising. Theoretically it could run to 7.4 billion as it is simply a state of mind, can change tomorrow morning and is purely subjective. Apparently gender now depends on feelings, not biology. Therefore as feelings can change gender can change. Transgender advocates are attempting to change the idea of our birth sex from binding to a personal preference.

From seemingly out of nowhere we in Australia have been slapped in the face with an avalanche of propaganda about the truth and moral merits of transgender recognition. TV documentaries investigate it. Talking heads debate it. Government news websites promote it. Government agencies have pushed it onto our schools via the “Safe Schools” program. Transgender TV interviewees rage down the airwaves that it is an established fact! It is the pointy end of the culture war coming to a community near you.

For example, I have a friend who is a high school principal and that school had its first student declare themselves transgender this year. The principal said state government protocols for schools are way behind the transgender movement.

For some reason there is no question in the Australian community of challenging the concept and thinking through its implications for society. Transgender recognition is close to being enshrined in the anti-discrimination laws in Australia. Once enshrined in law it will be a criminal offence to offend anyone who considers themselves transgender because it will be considered a form of sexual discrimination. Internal, subjective offence is the only criteria for prosecution.

Changes will affect all government documents. You will be given the option of: Male, female or X. Birth certificate laws being changed. In the ACT the government already allows to choose a whole range of sexes, and these can be changed annually. In Victoria a similar law was defeated by a single vote in upper house due to the complete transgender list being handed out to MP’s the week before.

Tomorrow’s blog will tell you where this movement is heading and what they are aiming for politically.