The Transgender Agenda: Part 2

In a recent blog I brought you up to date with developments in the transgender debate in Australia. When examining the actual agenda and aims of this movement it is instructive to look at the flow of western philosophy and ideology over the last century.

The 20th century was one of profound philosophical and religious change in the western world. It transition from an established Judaeo-Christian view of the world where family and family-based welfare was supreme, human rights were being fought for and won, where obligation and a sense of duty were expected, where democracy was cherished, capitalism was in the ascendancy and freedom of speech was enshrined in law. That’s what set us apart from Fascism, Communism and the religions of the East and Middle East.

Fast-forward to today and a cult of selfishness reign supreme. Families are splintering rapidly, birth rates have plummeted below replacement, sexuality is a sport, sexual rights trump all other human and religious rights, human rights are declining as freedom of speech is challenged by anti-discrimination laws of all stripes, the welfare state has encouraged social decline and saps the heart out of capitalism and Islamic immigration threatens the social fabric as it demands special privileges. Judaeo-Christian values have been replaced by atheistic/humanism where the object of worship is ego and self, and questioning of the new philosophy is banned from the public sphere.

Into this mix comes a very determined gay and transgender agenda seeking to recreate society in its own image. All who object to their plans are “bigots” and “homophobic” with no rights to freedom of speech.

And their campaign is working, laws are changing rapidly. In 2008 the Australian government changed 85 laws to remove every piece of discrimination against gay men, lesbians, and same sex couples. Eventually Australian law will reflect an acceptance of same-sex marriage and transgender rights. The combined effect in three areas of law; anti-discrimination, birth certificate, and marriage will become a very powerful legal framework and force education and health professionals to toe the philosophical line of the radical left. Transgender and same sex marriage recognition automatically weaponises anti-discrimination laws, enforcing legal demands of compliance by society, especially by schools.Society WILL change!

Crucial to their campaign is giving children legal agency/rights over adults, especially over parents. The state, via schools, is then used to create mass change in social norms. Children are elevated to a position where they have full control over all aspects of their sexuality; from abortion rights outside parental consent, same sex attraction and transgender identification. They are given full legal rights to choose practices that are known in the scientific literature to cause great harm, that do not to follow established adult norms and wisdom. Below are two examples of what is happening in the public sphere.

In the state of Victoria children as young as 15 are having physical gender changes in direct contravention of the Nuremberg Code. They are not of an age to give “informed consent” But the law in that state says a health professional has no legal protection if they try to stop such a procedure.

In the state of Tasmania where the Catholic Archbishop of Hobart has been hauled before the Anti-Discrimination Commission for offending a lesbian member of the Tasmanian Greens political party. His offence was to send out a pastoral letter to all Catholics upholding traditional marriage as a Christian virtue, while encouraging compassion toward those of a different view.

These ever-more frequent decisions are the hallmarks of the transition to an authoritarian state. Cultural Marxism is the new norm.

In the next blog in this series I will explore the actual data on who the transgender advocates are and what the science says about the issue.

Kevin Davis