I went Back to School Today…

Today I went back to my old school to take a chapel service for the Year 10 students. Its Easter, so it was a no-brainer…talk about Easter!

But Easter is about the cross and the cross is about restoring Gods relationship with us. So I took the format of the Lords Prayer, broke it up into its different lines and for each line I shared two to four stories of miracles, healing, divine intervention, angelic visits, provision and experiencing the presence of God himself. Let me share just the first one with you:

Our Father in heaven…

When my wife Annette was thinking of becoming a follower of God after waking up to the fact the occult was real, she was approached by a Christian and a Jehovah’s Witness. Annette was confused, so she went home and flippantly said to herself, OK God now that I know you are real, which of those two should I follow?” At that point an audible male voice spoke to her in an empty room and said “The one who showed you my book, the Bible.” Yes, you heard correctly, it was an audible voice!

When I was being trained to hear God’s voice, I was doing a series of exercises that were frustrating me no end and I was angry with God. I was sitting on my bed complaining that He wasn’t talking to me when he should have been (pretty selfish I know but that was my state of mind at the time). At this point the conviction of God came upon me and I was undone. Once I apologised for my selfishness his presence filled the room in a manner I have never seen or felt before. I spent an hour in the divine glory of the creator of the universe. It was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After an hour it lifted, but he was showing me a taste of what it will be like in heaven. I cant wait to get there.

After my first wife was killed by a drunk driver I was in Deniliquin, NSW, for a court hearing and my non-Christian ex-sister in law asked to speak to me privately. She related an experience she had had some weeks before where she was driving on a back road and around the corner came a log truck. It was a single lane sealed road and they were both on it. She was doing 90 km an hour with two small children in the back on bench seats without seat belts. At the moment she realised she cannot avoid hitting the truck, two enormous men appeared outside the van and shunted it away from the truck. With the near miss averted she sat on the side of the road for a long time trying to figure out what had just happened. Her limited worldview could not make sense of it. She told no one until I arrived because she knew I was the only one who would make sense of it for her, which I did as they were angels sent to preserve her life.

That was about one seventh of the stories I told, but you get the picture. My faith is not religious, it is a precious relationship with the living creator of the universe. We can all have this too, all it takes is to open your heart to Jesus.