A Fascinating Article to Reflect On

There has been a fundamental shift in society during the last 15 years toward subjective evidence rather than objective truth. If it “feels” right, or you are :sincere” then it is right for you. This has been applied to sexuality, religion, ethics and now laws via the infamous 18c section of the discrimination act where a feeling of offence is all that is needed to haul someone into a star chamber.

The article from the ABC website, that you can go to via this link, is a good one, as it addresses a man who came to “sincere disbelief” in his journey with God, and now sits in self righteous judgement against a God that would have the audacity of judge someone who has sincere disbelief, ie himself. This is one of the great moral arguments of atheism…how dare you judge us for being atheists! If sincerity is now the standard then what right do we have to judge Hitler and Stalin. They were sincere too.

I have several essays in other places in this website that deal with evidence for a creator, such that atheists have no excuse. As Einstein once said: It is easier to split an atom than to persuade a man who does not want to change his mind. Here are some of these essays that will help you understand the impossibility of atheism. It is actually a faith that is very thin on evidence:

  1. Inside the Cell
  2. Genetic Entropy
  3. God and the Quantum World
  4. Starlight and Time
  5. The Big Bang
  6. Stephen Hawking’s Grand Deception

I trust them to you, but only read them if your mind is open!