Why Did Judas Betray Jesus?

The usual story about Judas and his betrayal of Jesus involves money, a lack of character and a propensity to steal. But recently I found out there is more to the story.

Judas Iscariot means Judas, “man from the village of Keriyyoth”. This village was about 23km south of the town of Hebron in Judea. This made Judas the only non Galilean in the inner circle of twelve disciples. Could this have created ethnic division and jealousy in the team, a team that was known to argue a bit.

I also think Judas was goading Jesus into a power confrontation with the Sanhedrin. It is quite obvious that Judas was distraught at the outcome of his betrayal. Was it possible that, because he had seen so many miracles, which included the recent raising of Lazarus from the dead, that he “knew” Jesus could dazzle the priests with even more grand demonstrations of his power.

Was Judas frustrated that he had spent three years following the “messiah” but this messiah was not turning into the king who would rule Israel, like the “messiah” was supposed to.  Judas possibly believed his boss could easily out “miracle” the priests and this would be the final demonstration of his power the country needed for them to rightfully submit to his authority. Jesus just needed someone to force him into demonstrating this power.

We will never know the answer to these questions. But the devastating response by Judas to the realisation his ex leader was not resisting his coming death suggests there was more to his plot than mere money and personal gain.

God bless and have a great Christmas.