The Transgender Agenda Part 3

Apologies for my weeks absence. I was travelling.

In recent blogs I have explained some of the issues to do with the transgender agenda being rammed down the throat of Australian and western society. Today I will take the topic a bit further with some facts and figures, which come mostly from an excellent article by paediatrician Dr John Whitehall from the Western Sydney University, with other stats coming from the seminar on this topic I recently attended put on by the National Civic Council.

  1. Contrary of media mythology, approximately 80% of all transgender identification (gender dysphoria) comes from boys believing they are really girls. This has created outrage among feminists who see it as a male grab for their gender, usurping the rights won by them over decades, and the deconstruction of what it means to be female. Most leading feminists strongly oppose the transgender agenda and are actively siding with conservatives, and even Christians in the debate (fancy that!) Men who say they are transgender are angry with lesbians for opposing them. They say they are not sexist because they are really women. Feminists see this as the worst form of patriarchy.
  1. Somewhere between 70-97% of gender dysphoria feelings disappear by the age of 21 years. They grow out of it! Allowing a minor to undergo gender reassignment surgery as young as 15 years of age is dangerous in the extreme. Puberty blockers, hormone treatments for the rest of their life, radical surgery and mental/physical instability are par for the course their future. Puberty blockers, the same chemical used for prostrate cancer, are known to shrink the brain.
  1. At least half of those suffering from gender dysphoria have associated mental illness. The rate of gender dysphoria among autistic children is between 7 and 10 fold what it is among non-autistic children.
  1. Children with Asperger’s Syndrome are especially vulnerable to the transgender agenda. They will believe whatever they are told. It is now illegal in Victoria to counsel these young people out of their perceptions. Transgender agenda is child abuse!
  1. Schools go into meltdown when a child decides they are transgender, goes through an operation, and comes back as an opposite gender. One finishing year class results went down 30% because of the drama.
  1. I heard Dr John Whitehall on ABC radio recently say he interviewed 29 colleagues who had over 900 years of combined medical experience. They could only find a handful of true cases. The transgender agenda is manufactured. This is because it is the next step in the homosexual revolution, attempting dragging society by the hair into its own image. they will succeed if good people do nothing.

More to come