The Muslims Are Reviving the German Church!

Further to my research yesterday I have now come across an fascinating article that goes to the core of what God is doing in Germany and Europe.

But first of all I want to introduce you to one of the most amazing documentaries on you tube. It is called ‘The Last Reformation” and is the story of how God is bringing the miraculous back into the European church. There is lots of footage of true New Testament Christianity on display time after time as people are set free from pain and injury, delivered from demonic oppression and lives transformed. It even features the baptism of a family at Southbank in Brisbane that my wife brought to Jesus some years ago! That was a surprise.

In conjunction with that documentary evidence of the revival of the tiny evangelical church in Europe, now comes evidence that the Muslims who are coming to Jesus are challenging the dead doctrines of Lutheranism in Germany. So many Ex-Muslims have come to Jesus through the miraculous, including dreams and visions that it is forcing a change in their sacrament-based theology. This is the beginning of something good for European Christianity.

If you read through the pessimistic introduction to this article (the best I have read so far) you will come across many stories of Catholic, Baptist Evangelical and Lutheran priests in Germany baptising ex-Muslims every week. Here is a snippet…

“On a much smaller scale, Sister Rosemarie Götz, a Protestant deaconess, started a tiny evangelical congregation of 15 in the predominantly Muslim district of Neukölln a few years ago; it soon swelled to nearly 150, almost entirely ex-Muslim. Close by, Rev. Sadegh Seperi, a Presbyterian minister, estimates that he has already baptised more than 500.”

…and this…

Leipzig’s independent Lutheran Church, also called Trinity, instituted German-language courses for immigrants, using Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible as a textbook a few years ago. Next, the students asked to be instructed in the Christian faith and to be baptised. Now between ten and 20 new catechumens sign up for catechism classes every week, according to Rev. Hugo Gevers, a missionary from South Africa. “The amazing thing is that these converts are now doing ministry among the children of unchurched German slum dwellers here in Leipzig,” he said.

Pray for Europe, God is moving!

In a future blog I will explain what is happening in England.