Personal Update on Church Growth in Europe

I have recently shared blogs on what God is doing in Germany with the influx of refugees from the Middle East. Thousands are coming to Christ after fleeing the oppression of Islam. More evidence of this growth turned up in my emails yesterday.

I also sent the blog to a friend who runs a house church network in a majority Muslim country to encourage him in his work. It turns out he already knew. An Austrian pastor had recently visited him and shared the good news of massive church growth via ex-Muslims coming to Jesus. Here is what he said:

“I met a couple from Austria. They are pastoring large church there in Vienna. They said hundreds of people from refugee camps came to their church. God is moving!”

It is good to read snippets from the media. It is better to hear the same news from people you can trust. What I am reading ties in well with the thesis of my internet essay Islam in AD 2100 that there is a paradigm shift happening inside Islam, that it is beginning to crack, opening the door for true Christianity to take root in a big way.