Transgender Agenda Part 4

In recent blogs I have highlighted the danger to Judao-Christian culture from the transgender agenda. Today I want to talk about their Australian “Trojan horse”, the Safe Schools Program.

Let’s begin by acknowledging we live in the most sexually saturated culture in the history of the planet. Pornography is now normalised in teenagers, even down to primary school. My own surveys of high school students as a teacher over many years confirm this brutal fact. Average first exposure is now 11 years, and thats average, so half are being exposed earlier than that. Most paedophiles are actually young men, saturated in pornography. Teenage girls are being shamed and abused by young men in a way that will make you blush, porn acts are now expected of them. Homosexuality has also been normalised. Experimentation is expected and “cool”.

Into this bonfire of human dignity comes the transgender agenda and the Safe Schools Program. It is compulsory in all Victorian schools from 2018. Under the pretence of an anti-bullying program it has quickly morphed into a gay/porn grooming agenda. It promotes the idea that sexuality is fluid, all choices are valid, gender is disposable and anyone who questions it is a “bully”. It is gay group-think gone mad and imposed on impressionable youth. Its philosophy says humans are no longer born into a biological sexuality, children can invent and choose it for themselves. The child is now the king of its own sexual destiny over and above its parents, and the exaltation of various child sexual rights is the ground zero in the transgender and “Safe Schools” debate.

This program presents a fundamental philosophical conflict between those who believe in the binary nature of human biology and those who believe in a non-binary view of sexuality. It goes right down to the ultimate question: what is a human being? It is an attempt to overturn what God has decided! Year 7-8 children are being told their gender is fluid and they are informed sexual agents. Sexual orientation is who you are attracted to, gender identity is who you identify as. If it is a continuum, then every human can choose any one of dozens, hundreds, and perhaps millions of genders, defying biology.

The architect of the Safe Schools program is on the public record as advocating paedophilia. If children can choose their gender and be sexualised, then the laws about paedophilia will eventually be changed. A group called MINUS18 provides 80% of resources for the Safe Schools program. It is an overtly homosexual organisation with close links with the seedy underworld of the gay movement. I know, I checked the links on its brochures. It was that simple. The sexualisation of kids now being institutionalised and funded by taxpayers. The Safe Schools program is a legally enforced government funded homosexual grooming agenda designed to destroy heterosexuality and female/ male differences. Children who object to the program are now being bullied by teachers.

The law is rapidly setting this new philosophy into social concrete. Universities teach from day one that all relationships are social constructs. Ontario, Canada recently passed a law (sponsored by the MP the Reverend Cheri DiNovo, who also describes herself as a “Christian”) banning conversion therapy for transgender children, even though studies have shown about 90% of them grow out of it. When confronted with this fact by Professor John Whitehall, she said she was unaware of the research. Such astounding ignorance from such a strong advocate. From February 17th 2017, medical practitioners in Victoria became liable if they do not comply with wishes of children who wish to undergo a gender realignment therapy or sex change. The head of the world’s leading research unit into child sexuality had to resign and the unit shut down right after the Ontario bill was passed. It advocated and successfully used conversion therapy as a healthy way to deal with transgender kids.

This issue is not going away.

Kevin Davis