I’m Back

its been six weeks since my last blog, and here’s why.

Over the Christmas break, and while we were away, our home was flooded from seepage after the neighbours dug out and terraced their back yard, during which there was a huge storm and our downstairs drainage systems were completely clogged with silt. From that point on, just 50mm of rain would leave water sitting downstairs for a week with nowhere to go but out the front door. What to do?

so we bit the bullet and dug out a ten metre by 1.5 m trench down the side of the house, the back end of which was some 2.5 meters below ground level. We concreted into it a spoon drain below the downstairs floor level and began to drain the natural flow coming down the hill. Water flowed within an hour of the concrete going down and has been flowing ever since. So I’ve been a bit busy, six weeks of hard physical labour digging, jackhammering, carrying gravel, mixing concrete, laying blocks, backing up tradesmen, doing steel formwork, landscaping. You get the picture.

But here’s the gig. Every day I would invite the Lord to help me, to be my foreman, to organise the jobs, to guide me and show me what to do. The results of that daily prayer were interesting to say the least. Here are a few examples of many.

The concreter ordered 7.4 cubic meters of concrete, he had two buckets left over. I had to do 38 new joins in the storm water drainage pipes and I ran out of glue on the last join. I brought in 1 cubic metre of gravel and cement to mix  up footings for a link block wall out the front of the house where the slope ends. I had exactly the right amount of gravel and cement, exactly! I ordered 4 cubic metres of clean gravel for dropping behind the walls for drainage. When it arrived I thought I had ordered way too much. It was the right amount to within a bucket. I had 1.2 cubic metres of concrete dumped on the driveway for part of the job. When it arrived I was horrified that I had ordered way too much. We had 0.1 of a cubic metre left over.

The list continues, and was so large that I began to see, once again, that our loving Heavenly Father is interested in everything we do. He was partnering with me in the building of a humble household wall. In an unexpected way that wall ended up being an act worship as God and I were partnering together. The experience has greatly encouraged me to invite Jesus into more aspects of my life that I often just consider a job to be done.

Every day can be a fun journey with Him. Too often we think there is a sacred and secular sphere to life. There isn’t. All life is sacred if God is involved. That’s the lesson I re-learnt. I am now eager to take that lesson into the future.

God bless


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