London: Day One

We are in London for three weeks, yesterday was day one and two experiences are worth sharing.

Firstly I visited All Hallows’ Anglican Church By The Tower. It is the oldest church in the city of London, first built in 675AD and located just a few meters from the infamous Tower of London. I read all the brochures, walked down into the museum below the floor, listened to the organ recital and checked out the statement of faith. Sadly I didn’t read about the saving grace of Christ, about the miracle of the resurrection, about the priceless and infinite love of our creator for his children. Instead I read about “inclusiveness” and “diversity” and vague statements about Christianity that wouldn’t offend a fly.

Todd White says that sharing your faith is a lifestyle, not an event. His style of evangelism that we have seen on You Tube has become our template for sharing our faith too. So each day we pray for God-ordained opportunities to share our faith and encourage people.

So later that day we were in a shop buying some food and started a conversation with a young lady who was promoting a product in the store. This quickly became a half hour chat where we shared our faith and she shared her faith in Christ. She is a baby Christian, having grown up in the Anglican Church so she knew little of the abundant life we can live in Christ.

She had never heard the voice of Jesus, so we shared with her how to hear, some stories of our experiences and referred her to the wonderful You Tube channel put out by my sons church called “Normal Christian Life” where ordinary Christians do extraordinary things on the streets of Brisbane simply because they have learnt to hear the voice of Jesus. The young lady loved our conversation and is now armed with resources to take the next step in her journey of faith, and we got to nibble on lots of samples!

Jesus said in John 10:27-28 that his sheep would know his voice. At least four times in the book of John he said he only did what he heard or saw his father telling him to do. That’s our job too, listen and obey. That’s when the miracles start. That’s when dead religion stops and following the worlds philosophy stops. That’s when the God-ordained encounters start, like what happened yesterday. Who knows what will happen today?!

Kevin Davis

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