“The Earth Is The Lord’s And The Fullness Thereof”

The quote above was what I was delighted and suprised to see yesterday written in large stone letters, and embellished in gold for emphasis, over the front columned archway to the old Royal Exchange building in London. This was the building that housed the London stock exchange during the heydays of the British Empire.

In that era London was the centre of the world, the great exporter of its language and culture, the source of the industrial revolution, the technological leader of global industry, the imperial master of the worlds greatest empire, the richest place on the planet…and a thoroughly Christian country.

The sentence above told everyone entering the exchange that, even though they were there to trade and profit, ultimately all goods, gold and wealth belongs to our creator who graciously allows us to use his privately owned planet. This was stating the obvious in 1850. How things have changed in just under two centuries.

Christianity is a complete worldview. It was never meant to simply be what happens on a Sunday in private buildings while Atheistic Humanism dominates the real world outside. The revolution that Christ brought to the earth turned the Roman Empire upside down. It was the guiding philosophy of the Protestant Reformation and the social and technological revolution that followed in Europe. Via the British Empire it blessed the world.

As politically incorrect as it may sound to some, It is no accident that former British colonies in Africa are far ahead of other countries on that continent in social indicators, education, freedoms and wealth. In addition, the most free, most politically stable, wealthiest (and some would say envied) countries in the world are those filled with the mostly Protestant descendants of the British; Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

The earth is still the Lords. It’s posessions are still his. Nothing has changed except humanitys own arrogantly inflated view of itself, justified by the myth of Evolutionary origins. England, and the rest of the Western world is moving away from its creator, the Blblical worldview that flows out of Christianity, and the civilisation it created. Other parts of the world, particularly in Asia, are moving steadily toward it. Christianity is the fastest growing religion on the planet, but it is now 80% non-Western.

Before the end of this century I predict that, because of these opposing movements to and from the Biblical worldview, the formally Christian countries mentioned above will lose a lot of their wealth, freedoms, social cohesion and leadership in world affairs. Replacing them will be people and countries that embrace the Biblical worldview. This is inevitable and the rot has already begun in the West. Below are a few examples:

1. As a whole, athiests don’t believe in family. Christians do. Family is the foundation of civilisation, education, culture, welfare, wealth and faith. This is why Western countries are no longer reproducing. We are killing around 40% of our babies at the alter of sexual convenience. We then import people to make up numbers. There is no longer a sexual moral compass to guide youth, so family from action is collapsing. This a recipe for civilisational suicide.

2. The Biblical imperative is to avoid debt, use your gifts and talents as an act of worship and build a future for your family. Atheism has replaced this mandate with a love of materialism, rampant debt and hedonistic consumerism. Dying to self and selfishness is no longer high on the social agenda. The West may still look rich, but it is a mirage built on massive debt. We are leaving future generations with the bill for our current materialistic debt-fuelled binge. Our fiat currency system is built on fraud, smoke and mirrors. One day it will collapse.

3. Freedoms of speech are eroding rapidly. Freedoms of thought are following. The radical cultural Marxist agenda to transform the West into a homosexual utopia is insanely intolerant of freedoms for those who hold a different view of reality. The evils of  George Orwell’s 1984 are rapidly approaching.

4. Superstition is replacing rational religion. The New Age movement, so popular in entertainment and media is ascendant. The universe will hear your prayers. Mother earth is revered. Father God is banished. The New Age movement is simply Westernised Hinduism. It is rapidly seeping into the subconscious of every single young person.

I could go on. The good news is that those who adopt or hold to a thoroughly Biblical worldview will still be blessed. Their children will prosper, their life will be salt and light to those around them. They will have the resources to help others, they will fill the social cracks that sin and Atheism creates. They and their institutions will still take in the orphans, widows, homeless, old and sick. They already do. Thats what I do and that’s what I fund.

Kevin Davis

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