Darwin’s Long Shadow Over London

We have been in this most visited city on earth for two weeks now and have had a chance to visit both the Natural History Museum and the London Zoo. Both places are very proud of their hero, Charles Darwin. At the Museum there is a large and dominating statue of him half way up the grand staircase at the end of the grand entrance of a building that was deliberately designed to resemble a church or temple, with him looking for all intents and purposes as its high priest. The plaque next to the statue talks about how “he changed the way we see the natural world and our place in it”. That’s an understatement!

Charles Darwin was also one of the very early members of the London Zoological Society. At the zoo, amongst the statements around the Galapagos turtle enclosure, a plaque talked about Darwin’s “revolutionary idea of evolution via natural selection”.

So that’s how he changed the way we see our selves and our place in the natural world; with the revolutionary idea that 1, natural selection can lead to 2, the evolution of life, no creator needed. End of story…


Let me explain why in one sentence: Natural selection can only ever, by its very definition, eliminate genetic material, thereby continually reducing and shrinking genetic diversity, generation after generation. 

Yep, that’s right, natural selection only ever destroys genetic material. It has nothing to do with creating new genetic material, which is the bedrock of any theory of life that is going to do away with a divine creator.

The belief that natural selection is the foundation of evolution went out the window in the 1930’s. Today we believe the equally absurd theory that genetic copying mistakes (mutations) can make genetic material more and more complex. Which is the opposite of what happens to all systems in the real world when copying mistakes are added to the system! It’s like saying. That instructional mistakes for the building of a little red wagon can eventually give us the perfect instructions to build a space shuttle!

Natural selection is actually a system put in place by our divine creator to weed out large scale genetic mistakes and ensure a longer term survival of all species far beyond the time frame that would otherwise be possible. IT ONLY EVER DELAYS EXTINCTION. It has nothing to do with evolution and the fictitious evolutionary journey from microbes to men.

What Darwin thought was possible, turned out to be scientifically impossible and his theory should have been thrown out in the 1930s when Mendelian genetics was rediscovered sixty years after its original discovery by Gregor Mendel, and subsequent loss. Darwinian evolutionary theory fell into a deep crisis as Mendelian genetics was found to be the true mechanism of biological transmission and variation, not Darwinian natural selection.

However, by then Darwin had become a demi-god, the champion of the newly ascendant atheism and his theory was orthodoxy in the science faculties of English and American universities. To toss him out would grant the Christian theists their ultimate intellectual victory. 

So smart men went to work marrying genetics with Darwinian evolution by inventing what we now call “Neo-Darwinian” evolutionary theory. Which is a clever dogma indeed. It teaches that evolution progresses via what they believed were BENEFICIAL mutational mistakes in the genetic copying process between generations, and these beneficial mistakes are then fine-tuned via natural selection. You should remember that idea from your high school biology classes. Darwin was safe for another 70 years.

However, once again science is again overtaking both him and Neo-Darwinian theory. With the sequencing of the human DNA and the vast advances in genetic knowledge we have gained this century, the entire evolutionary super-structure is crumbling. And it all boils down to simple maths

You see, all biology is chemistry, and all chemistry is physics, and all physics is mathematics. So genetics is maths. The maths of mutational genetics gives evolution two giant headaches:

The first, called called “Muller’s Rachet” is named after the geneticist who first postulated the problem. It says that evolution can only exist and proceed within a species if the rate of deleterious mutational increase is less than one gene per individual per generation, as any number multiplied by more than one will increase the mutational load in an organism. Deleterious mutations will then inexorably increase until that species collapses. However, If the deleterious mutational increase is smaller than one gene per individual per generation, the deleterious mutational load will shrink each generation, because any number smaller than one multiplied by itself will continually decrease in size. Muller correctly said that evolution can therefore only exist if the rate of deleterious mutations is less than one per individual per generation. 

However, we now know, because of vast advances in genetics, that the number of deleterious mutations per individual per generation is running at between 100 and 1,000. This is vastly higher than the upper limit acknowledged by Muller. 

Second, the rate of beneficial mutations to deleterious mutations is not 50/50 as postulated by the architects of Neo-Darwinian evolution back in the 1930’s. it is running at somewhere between 100,000:1 and 1,000,000:1. Yes that’s right, there are at least 100,000 destructive mutations for every good one, and the good ones don’t add any new genetic information. 

So, we have have far more mutations going on than we should have, and they are almost universally bad. The human race, and every other species by implication, is on its way to extinction, it is not evolving. There is, and has never been, any such thing as evolution in the real world. It exists only in the mind of atheists hell bent on ridding their intellectual and cultural world of our loving creator.

Intellectual honesty requires the abandonment of all Darwinian theories of origins. But intellectual honesty in the western world is in short supply as it would mean ditching the atheism most folks have built their lives reputations and careers on, and if you know what’s good for you, don’t stand between a proud person and their pay packet!

London once worshipped our creator in a big way. I pray and am confident for the day that it will once again.

Kevin Davis

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