Our Little Oxford Street Miracle

Whenever we travel we always pray for divine opportunities to share our faith, to encourage people in need and be a blessing. And it happened more often than not on our recent visit to the UK. But sometimes the tables are turned and this time the blessing was on us.

Our daughter found out while we were there that one of her rugby Sevens buddies was going to be in London the same time we were. Being teenagers they decided to catch up. But where and when in this crazy city in the middle of the summer tourist season? Why, Oxford St of course!

Except that Oxford St is basically the world’s busiest shopping strip. Here are the stats for this two kilometer strip of shopping paradise:

  • 550,000 pedestrians walk Oxford Street every day.
  • There are four tube stations along Oxford Street, with an average 470,000 passenger entries and exits every day.
  • Around 270 buses travel along Oxford Street every hour.
  • 15,000 taxi passengers are picked up, set down, or carried along Oxford Street every day.

Try finding your friend in that crowd! Its a crazy, crazy place that I was not looking forward to going to.

In the end the other party and us decided it was too much risk and called it off on the morning of the meet up. That was when Annette prayed a simple prayer, “Lord if you want the girls to meet, please organise it for us”.

So off we went, me to the Marks & Spencer cafeteria so I could access some wifi (and hide from the crowds), the girls to shop at some random women’s clothing store.

Half way through their adventure they heard a voice behind them calling our daughter’s name. Surprised, they turned around and who was standing right there with them but her rugby buddy with mum in tow!

If you have ever been to Oxford St you will know the chances of this happening are like winning lotto twice in a row. I am still shaking my head.

God is good. He is “Immanuel”, God with us. He is for us, not against us. If we ask for a fish he will not give us a snake (Luke 11:11). He knows how to give good gifts to his children (Matthew 7:11).

Kevin Davis


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