Australia Has a New Prime Minister: Here’s Why

The beauty of a coup d’etat in Australia is that there is no blood, no armies on the streets, no popular lynchings…not much fuss at all really.

And so it was that we had another political coup last week, the fourth in about eight years. Our Prime Minister, the uber rich Malcolm Turnbull, was ousted by his own party and Scott Morrison, a conservative evangelical Christian  was parachuted in. The main conspirator, Peter Dutton, was wisely left out to dry.

So, what’s going on inside the liberal party?

Dutton built his campaign around a return to conservative values. He was an ex-policeman from Queensland, the heart state conservative values and the Bible belt (albeit a very thin one) of Australia. There were even whispers coming from the Liberal that Turnbull was a secret leftist. The majority have now agreed, especially since they were so far behind in the polls that their own political heads were on the line. Scott Morrison was seen as a return to core values, without Dutton’s baggage.

This is a shift that aligns with the ideological battles that are reshaping global politics.Internationally, people are reclaiming the idea of national identity: First there was Brexit, then we almost got a Frexit and now there is something of an Italexit going on. Eastern Europe has kicked out all of George Soros’ NGO’s and refuses to take any Muslim refugees. And then there is Trump, whom some say is crazy, but who is a very clever man indeed. The first truly independent president since WW2.

This is a blow-back against globalisation; a rejection of political elites such as Hillary Clinton and liberal world-order politics-as-usual: Unbridled immigration, free trade for the worlds multinationals at the expense of sovereign objections, Western energy policies being pushed at emerging market economies. These have become defining issues. The push-back is disrupting the cozy elites who thought they had taken control of western democracies in the name of the G20, the European Union, the UN security council, the major central banks, the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, the globally significant/too big to fail financial institutions, transnational business and ultra-wealthy investors run the world as a loosely connected club.

At the end of the day there are vast political and religious differences between this elite, but they are united by finance and the vast power that comes with it. The 6,000 people that run the world, most of whom attend the Davos conference each year, and who also control the G20, run the IMF, preside over the UN, lead the big banks, the sovereign wealth funds and big business, have a huge vested interest in the current financial architecture. It’s their system, their baby, and they benefit the most.

Populists, conservatives, or the deplorables; whatever you call them, they want their democracies back. We handed leadership to the elites a generation ago. They have ignored local steel workers, electronics workers, small business owners and unemployed, then shunt their own internationalist social agenda to the fore by transferring their production bases to low wage environments. Now people are trying to boot them out and get our countries back. Its happening all through Europe, America and now Australia. Those left behind by the elites are now being heard after being ignored too long, drowned out by the mantra of “free trade”, which has allowed China to break every rule in the free trade book.

We are now in the era of deplorables’ revenge. We are in a ideological border war between nationalists, mainly on the right, and multicultural globalists mainly on the left.

Here in Australia, questions of climate change, energy policy, Islamic immigration, freedom of speech and religion, Chinese political interference, and the rising political power of the homosexual lobby have been weaponised in an ideological battle to win back the soul of the Liberal Party, to reclaim it for its conservative base. Too many have defected to minor parties.

Lets see if Scott Morrison can stem the tide and win them back!

Kevin Davis


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