Islam’s Linguistic Roots Essay is Finished!!!!

Hi friends,

Just letting you know that after three months of intensive research and writing I have now completed and uploaded the final version of a new Essay called Islam’s Linguistic Roots.

I thought it would top out at 2-3,000 words but there was so much to write about that it ballooned out to just under 10,000 words. Sorry!

The essay covers the following topics and is drawn from some of the best published essays by the world’s leading linguists.

  1. The evolution of Arabic.
  2. The structure of Arabic writing
  3. The impact and significance of foreign loan words in the Qur’an
  4. The evolution of Arabic’s diacritical aids
  5. The theory of pre-Islamic poetry as the source of the Arabic language
  6. The existence of pre-Islamic rhythmic hymns in the Qur’an.

Here is the link if you want to go straight to it:


Islam’s Linguistic Roots


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