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This is the first of a weekly email blog encouraging Christians to pray for the Holy Spirit to move in the Muslim majority countries in the world.

Please partner with me to pray once a day for a week for each country that comes into your inbox. Each week there will be a new country to pray for. PLEASE pass these on to others that you think would like to join the prayer network. The more that pray the more God will move. If your friends email me back at I can add them to the list. These blogs will also be posted on my website so a global audience can join our prayers.

Today I will explain what is happening in Afghanistan.


1. History

Some Jews from western Afghanistan were present at the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2:9). They were from the Parthian Empire, so the Gospel probably arrived in Afghanistan a few months after that day. Church tradition says that both Bartholomew and Thomas went there to evangelise. The historian Bardaison, writing in 196AD speaks of Christians throughout Parthia. By 250AD there were nine city-based bishops in Afghanistan. In 1282AD Ahmed Teduker assumed the throne and began the country’s switch to Islam.

2. Today

With 37 million people, Afghanistan is now a desperately poor and suffering country with an average income of 1% of the USA. Almost 60% of people are under 20 years of age and life expectancy is only 44 years. However, a new generation is now growing up without the repression of the Taliban and they long for freedom and opportunity. Over 4 million refugees have now returned even though the Taliban still controls some 13% of the country in what is basically a political stalemate. Only 15% of the country is connected to the internet, but 50% have mobile phones.

The form of Islam practiced here is severe and repressive, especially for women. Stiff punishments apply for anyone converting away from Islam as well as rejection from family. However God is moving in an unprecedented way as you will see from the list below. This is because wherever Islam has become violent and repressive in recent years there seems to be a sudden growth in those coming to Christ.

3. Evangelism Highlights

Here are some of the amazing stories coming out of Afghanistan:

  1. The government now warns that “Christianity has obtained a special place not only among youth, but also among various layers in society”.
  2. A Farsi news service reported recently that high ranking members of society are becoming Christians
  3. House churches are multiplying.
  4. Thousands of Afghans who fled to Iran and Europe (start reading half way down this link to see what amazing things are happening in Germany) have become Christians. The Iranian church embraced the Afghans while Iranians as a whole hated their presence.
  5. Last, and most importantly, Isik Abla Ministries report that they had 182,000 thousand active Facebook followers in Kabul alone at the end of 2017. That’s nearly 4% of all internet users in the country actively taking in Christian teaching. Something BIG is happening!

Prayer Points

The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few (Luke 10:2)

Pray for more harvest workers in Afghanistan

Pray for continued growth of the internet church

Pray for brave house church leaders

Pray for divine visions, dreams and healings to continue

Pray for those suffering from physical, emotional and spiritual persecution and trauma

Pray against Satan’s legions. Bind them and loose the captives.

Pray for young people to pour into the Kingdom

Pray for Afghanistan to become a Christian country once again by 2100 AD!

Next week: Algeria

Kevin Davis

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