What I Learnt Today

Ah, Sunday mornings. No church till 10.00, Yes!

I was sleeping in this morning, and sometimes when you do that your spirit is awake while you are half there. That was me four hours ago.

And I had been struggling with a constant niggling problem of mine. I’ve had it for years. Its called religious obligation. I’ve always had it in some form. I was raised in a small farming town and a traditional Methodist/Uniting church. Then I went to boarding school and forgot all about it. In Year 10 high school Jesus found me and it was personal. I was discipled in a Pentecostal church. It was the 1970’s and the height of pietism.

Back then much emphasis was placed on a “quiet time” and Bible study, which was all good, but there was little emphasis on the freedom we are supposed to have in Christ. Jesus said his truth would set us free. He said his burden was lite. But I wasn’t taught to hear his voice and walk daily with him. Then again I am a bit of an intellectual type and its very hard for us to rationalise such subjective data as a whispering into our spirit.

Today, once again, Jesus cut through my thought train and dropped into my heart a truth that instantly set me free from the curse of religious obligation. I was asking questions and sensing an obligation to jump through hoops during the day…pray in tongues, prayer walk, spend time with him. The list was piling up. Yuk. Then he cut through my mental crap and simply said:

“Its easy, not hard”


In an instant I knew exactly what the entire message was. I was released into a peace that is pure, deep and lovely.

Thinking that the Christian walk is hard and an obligation is never where God wants me or you to be. Having fun and enjoying relationship with the creator of the universe is the essence of my eternal life. Freedom and an easy yoke is the essence of our faith, otherwise its just another religion.

So now I am feeling free again and the voice of the Lord has been active in my spirit all morning. I’ve been busy copying these randoms message drops into a note book. Its been fun. I’ve been given ideas on how to diet, how to see creation and how to view people. I’ve even been given an idea to share with a mining company I am invested in!!!

I’m loving it.

As this journey unfolds I will keep you informed.


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