Asking Jesus a Question: Lord What Did You Go Through On The Cross?

This is the second of my Easter questions that I put to the Lord of heaven and earth via my journal writing. I am asking more and more questions like this and getting startling answers. Here is the answer I received for the above question yesterday while sitting through an Easter Sunday church service:

“You will never understand what I did for you. It is beyond human comprehension. Sufficient for you to know is that it was complete and finished. Cosmic justice was complete. The Law was complete. Death was complete. Sin was complete. Imperfection was complete. Sadness, pain, hell and authority was completed. It was completion of all things, not the beginning.

Genesis was completed on the cross. The Psalms were completed. The prophets were completed. History was completed. It was my job to bring to completion all cosmic and spiritual realities. There is nothing more to do since the cross. I have borne all to complete all. I have destroyed all to build all anew. I have regained all authority in order to give it to all. I have set all free. Only when all was completed could the New Creation of this planet begin again. All is finished. Beyond your minds comprehension it was DONE.

Once in heaven I will reveal it to you, but here is a glimpse; All you know about the physical universe is but sand on the sea shore or a tiny bubble of water compared to what was going on behind the cross in the spiritual realm. It took me, your creator, to finish the job of the restoration of all creation to myself. It was not just you, or other humans, all creation was made new, completed, perfected and released from the curse.

I so wish you could see the full picture but it would blow your mind as it blew the mind of Moses when he saw me face to face. Enjoy, live in and thrive in this completion of my work. Satan’s reign was broken. Love was complete, mercy, compassion and righteousness was complete. That’s what I did on the cross.


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