Did Matthew and Luke Work Together on Their Gospels?

That Heading was pure clickbait, but hang with me for a second! What I am actually suggesting is that the Gospels of Matthew and Luke tell the same story so well between Matthew 5-10 and Luke 4-10 it’s as if they sat down together and decided to hammer the exact same amazing message.

It’s one I missed for the first 35 years of my Christian walk.

Here’s how they parallel. They both draw you in from Jesus beginning to first of all to preach in Galilee, to him then bringing the supernatural realm of heaven to earth to back up the truth of his preaching, to training his selected workers, to then sending his 12 workers out to replicate what he was doing. This was all in preparation for them to start a global movement that would transform the planet forever.

This is what it looks like chapter by chapter in Matthew (remembering that the original documents did not contain either chapters or verses, just an unfolding story):

  1. In Matthew 5-7 we see Jesus preaching and teaching at the sermon on the mount
  2. In Matthew 8-9 we see 10 examples of Jesus healing and performing miracles
  3. In Matthew 10 we see Jesus sending out the 12 disciples as extra harvest workers

Now to Luke:

  1. In Luke 6 we see Jesus teaching at the sermon on the mount
  2. In Luke 4, 5 and 8 we see Jesus healing and performing miracles
  3. In Luke 9 and 10 we see Jesus sending out the 12 disciples, and then 72 more as extra harvest workers

Matthew follows a pristine pattern while Luke mixes it up a bit. However, they both parallel their narrative and end up at the same destination: Preaching the Good News, healing the sick and infirm, an abundant harvest of souls, a lack of workers, and therefore the sending of workers to do the same as Jesus did.

Why the parallel? Because it’s so important!

This is message the heart of the New Testament. This is the blueprint for the future book of Acts. This is the pattern for the early church. This is the fuel behind everything Paul did. This is how we are meant to do Christianity. This is why the Lord’s Prayer starts with Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:9-13). This is the new wine and the new wineskin (Matthew 9:16-17). This is the vine and the branches in action. This is the sowing and harvest Jesus often spoke about (Matthew 13:1-30). This is the mustard seed that grows into the biggest tree in the garden Matthew 13:31-32). This is the leavening of the kingdom loaf (Matthew 13:33).

This is the seed of the woman crushing Satan’s head (Genesis 3:15). This is the beginning of the earth being filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14). This is the beginning of his government on earth (Isaiah 9:7). This was the start of the nations slowly becoming his inheritance (Psalm 2:8). This is how he will establish justice on earth (Isaiah 42:4). This is how he began to summon the distant nations to himself (Isaiah 55:5). This is the new kingdom in Daniel that will crush all other kingdoms (Daniel 7:13-14). This is how we are to make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:18-20). This is how he will destroy all dominion and power (Corinthians 15:24). This is how the Gospel will go to every tribe, nation, language, and people (Revelation 14:6).

This is how you and I are meant to do Christianity.

Going to church is not on that list!

The harvest is not there.

The lost are not there.

The miracles and opportunities to speak God’s kingdom message are not there.

Jesus said GO, not sit.

Matthew and Luke got their message across to their early readers and they changed the world. Matthew and Luke’s message also got through to an Indian Pastor by the name of Victor John in the early 1090’s. He dumped all his Western church planting strategies and began to do what he read about in these scriptures. He has now seen over 12 million Hindu’s come to faith in Jesus in one of the most spiritually barren places on earth: The North Indian plain, the Hindu heartland. Here is his story. It’s staggering in its scale. He was a pioneer but now stories like Victor’s are popping up by the thousands all around the world as believers “get it” and start doing what they are reading instead of sitting.

Thank you Matthew and Luke.







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