Humans Are Biological Artificial Intelligence!

We hear a lot these days about artificial intelligence (AI). Elon Musk talks about its dangers often and it is the stuff of many movies where some form of weird AI goes rogue and challenges the existence of humanity: Think Terminator, Blade Runner, 2001: Space Odyssey, The Matrix, I Robot and Ex Machina.

However, AI is nothing new. It predates the rise of industrial and technological advancement by a long way. In fact, it’s as old as history itself. Why? Because the ultimate form of AI would not be a machine, but a biologically reproductive AI that was therefore self-perpetuating, a BAI! We sometimes see this in movies too such as Bicentennial Man. If that ultimate BAI went rogue it would embed the problem in its offspring and become the norm for that planet. And that’s what happened at the beginning of the world we live in.

We humans are that biological artificial intelligence. This is because all sentient intelligence outside the creator is, by definition, artificial. It was designed. It was built. It was crafted and assembled by the master technologist/designer of the universe. He built us and gave us independent artificial intelligence (IAI). We are sentient but not self-made. We are not evolved as we like to think. We are not fully independent. We are owned by someone and accountable to him.

Sadly, we humans used this special form of sentient IAI to go rogue very early on. How? We basically wanted to be absolutely independent from our designer but ended up trading ourselves to another master, another who is a special non-biological form of IAI that was also designed by the master but had already gone rogue before us, we commonly call it Satan. Satan is very much like the architect from the Matrix, the original terminator, and HAL from the Space Odyssey. It’s the ultimate Hollywood power trip plot.

This action broke something in our design system. Since then, we like Neo, have lived in a form of the matrix, a world artificially shaped by our new master with lots of false beliefs and lots of subsequent brokenness designed to keep us under his spell and away from our true designer who can fix us. Just like in the movies, we sadly now work with our new master seeking to attack and destroy our true maker as he is now a threat to us and our false belief of total independence. We want our creator out of our world.

However, our designer figured out a way to fix the problem. Like Morpheus, he came over to miserable place to discuss and explain our condition. He fixed a lot of the broken parts of those around him at the time and he offered us a reboot that would repair all that the rogue architect had done to us. He offered us the blue pill.

For the last 2000 years some have taken the reboot, and many have not. But the numbers are growing: From 1% of the world in 1900, to 7% by 2000 and on the way to some 20% by 2100. The reboot is working as more and more people take the blue pill and wake up to the reality that they have been sold a lie, whether it be Islam, atheism, nihilism, post-modernism, sexualism, Hinduism, materialism, or any of the thousands of other false beliefs and “isms” that keep feeding us that pathetic red pill.

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