Why The Authoritarian Right Is Rising

In 1988 Pat Buchannon ran for President of the United States. He failed of course, but as part of his campaign I manned a phone bank for him in Dallas Texas while a student there. He now runs an influential website that comments on issues of social significance. His latest blurb is a thoughtful contribution to the rise of the “far” right across the Western world. From Trump, to Brexit, to all of Eastern Europe, and one could even say France under Marcon, the voters of the world are turning away from the internationalist agenda of the elites.

Some call it a clash of civilizations between the West and Islam. Its actually more complicated than that.  It is just as much a clash between the legacy Christendom worldview and civilization that is the cornerstone of Western civilization but now so much despised by the humanist, Atheistic Western elites. Eastern Europe, led by Poland has, at least politically, recently returned to the Christendom way of thinking about the world after seeing the soul-destroying consequences of Communistic atheism. This is why Eastern Europe refuses to dilute its culture with immigrants. and is voting in politicians who will keep it that way.

And then there is the Islamic political agenda that has, for 1,400 hundred years, tried to conquer Europe (think of Southern Italy, all of Spain, Southern France, all of Portugal, Greece, the Balkans right through to Vienna, all of North Africa and all of Turkey as once or still occupied Christian lands).

So click on the link and have a read of Pat’s thoughts. I think they make sense.

Kevin Davis

Religion Boosts Teenagers Educational Achievement

For 17 years I was a careers counsellor in a high school here on the Sunshine Coast. I had a ringside seat on senior student achievement, watching over a thousand students graduate from high school. Three of those graduates were my own children.  We were a Christian family and they went to a Christian school. We had around 150 Christian denominations or groups represented on campus. Around a third of the students had their own active faith of some description. Another third has some form of background Christian culture, but it wasn’t their own. The final third came from families for which

Christianity meant nothing. It was a good school, with “good morals” for their kids.So with that background it came as no surprise that Stanford Graduate School of Education has come up with a study re-affirming what I already knew from observation: That religious high school students do better academically than those with no religion. Their take was that the results were achieved because “because they are rewarded for being obedient and respectful and for having self-control”.

I disagree with their conclusion. Yes Christianity does involve some disciplines, but then so do sport and club commitments, which is huge among teenagers. My personal observations were that students committed to their faith wanted to do their best to please their Lord, Jesus Christ. They were using their lives as an act of worship, just as I was as a teacher. What they did in all spheres of life was a reflection of their faith, and this flowed over into dating, choosing friends, limits on substance abuse, and attitudes toward teachers and parents.

And here’s another factor that influences their educational achievement. The strongly evangelical parents of these children divorce at a rate some 35% lower than the average. Professor Bradley Wright, a sociologist at the University of Connecticut, explains from his analysis of people who identify as Christians but rarely attend church, that 60 percent of these have been divorced. Of those who attend church regularly, 38 percent have been divorced. And we all know that growing up in an intact family has, on average, huge ramifications for educational attainment.

Kevin Davis



Rugby Australia…or…Censorship Australia?

Recently a high profile Rugby Union player, Australia’s star international test player Israel Folau no less, expressed his Christian conviction that homosexuals, among others, will end up in hell. Here is the verse he quoted:

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality, nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor the drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

Israel was called in to Rugby Australia’s headquarters and given a dressing down. He explained his convictions were born from his own journey of sin and repentance. He remained resolute in his convictions, the same convictions as millions of fellow Australians Christians.

Israel then penned an articulate and deeply personal explanation of his actions and convictions which you can read here. I was very impressed. He knows personally the journey of the prodigal son.

The stakes are high. Religious conviction now clashes with the all powerful doctrine of not giving offence to homosexuals. Words are now weapons, used to silence religion. But its not about feelings. Its about truth. So who is right? Gays or Christians? Are we chance-generated or designed? Autonomous or accountable?

I want to tackle this issue from a scientific angle. If Homosexuals are right it is because evolution is right and there is no God to whom we are accountable. If evolution is a lie, then by default there is a creator and we are all accountable for the way we live our lives. We are literally private property. You see it all depends on the presuppositions you use to construct your reality.

And those presuppositions are either true or false depending on the hard scientific facts.

Here are the facts. Evolution is only true if it is backed up with genetic evidence. Forget bones and geology, timelines and textbooks. It sinks or swims on genetics alone. Either unguided random processes can create genetic-based life from chemicals and then create ever increasing genetic complexity via beneficial mutations that increase genetic complexity and random selection of those mutations, or it cant. This claim is actually easy to test in the real world. All we have to find is the beneficial mutations.

The trouble is, we cant. In fact all a beneficial mutation has ever been seen to do is jam an existing function either fully on or fully off. No new and more complex information is added.

Then there is the cruncher: the ratio of beneficial mutations to deleterious mutations has to be more than 50% in order for life to evolve, otherwise we are going backwards. So whats the actual ratio? The world’s leading human geneticists no longer even bother to compare the two. They now acknowledge the ratio is somewhere between 100,000:1 to 1,000,000:1. There are up to one million deleterious mutations for every beneficial mutation…that can only jam a function fully on or fully off!

The bottom line is that our genetics was created perfect sometime in the past and we are going extinct rapidly. Natural selection is the process that slows this extinction down.

We were created. We are private property and we are accountable. That is why Israel Folau is right. When we all die we will be held accountable. While still here we are given time to get right with our creator, as he so eloquently explains in his defense. But humans have a primal dislike for being accountable to their creator. It goes against our nature. Forget homosexuals going to hell, we all are! How sad that Israel’s “sin” was to point this out.

Kevin Davis