Introducing China’s Massive Social Control System

Ive been reading about China’s new totally integrated control system for some time now and below is the best summary I have found so far. It is very disturbing and is already being practiced by Google, Facebook and Twitter on a smaller scale.

It is reprinted from Mercatornet. Here is the link to the original article.

“Imagine East Germany on steroids and you have the People’s Republic of China today.

Instead of legions of citizen informants spying on their colleagues and family, advanced information aggregation technology does it for you, logging your every move—from the superficial to the deeply personal. The data is then plugged into a psychometric scoring system that impacts your credit, job prospects, and every other measurable aspect of your value and potential as a member of society.

China’s social credit scheme may appear bizarre and abstract to those far away, but it’s very much real. The mandatory program started in 2014 and is being implemented for millions currently. It will be fully operational by 2020 and is being run through a patchwork of municipal government authorities and private technology companies contracted to the government.

Westerners might comment “surely, it can’t happen here?”, but the truth is a lot more disquieting.

The Chinese scoring system

As recently reported, “under the social credit scheme, points are lost and gained based on readings from a sophisticated network of 200 million surveillance cameras—a figure set to triple in eighteen months.” Various factors affect the social credit scores, including what those you associate with do and say.

If your relative criticizes the government, your score goes down. If the government considers your behavior to be satisfactory, your score goes up, eventually resulting in exclusive advantages such as travel, airfare, dating site advantages, loan access, discounts on bills, improved job prospects, and priority on university applications.

You can sink fast and become a low-ranking citizen, too: “jaywalking, late payments on bills or taxes, buying too much alcohol or speaking out against the government, each cost citizens points.” Penalties are also levied for playing video games too much, posting “fake news” (Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg just applauded), overspending on unnecessary purchases and drinking too much.

Ironically, posting too much on social media can also cost you serious points.

If you fall too low in your ranking you can be barred from air and train travel, have your social media accounts shut down, have your internet specifically targeted to slow down your connection speed, have your kids excluded from applying to private and prestigious schools, and be shut out of various elite occupations such as working in major banks, government jobs, and jobs requiring government approval (which in China is a lot of jobs).

Public naming and shaming is another punishment: you’ll be on a blacklist as well, in case any employers or associates started getting too easygoing about the system. What if your job involves holding the powerful accountable? Chinese journalist Liu Hu found out the hard way after his reporting turned up government corruption (surprise, surprise).

His social rating plummeted, and he was arrested, jailed, and fined. His social media accounts were nixed, and he now can’t travel by train or plane. Employers are hesitant to go near him.

The Western third-party system

The West recently had to contend with the intersection of free speech and private corporate technology monopolies with the banning of Alex Jones from YouTube, Twitter, PayPal, and many other platforms, ostensibly for breaking the respective services’ terms of service.

Voices on the Right and non-mainstream Left have been shown the door and hounded by social media giants. Some conservatives have defended the bans under the reasoning that private companies can do what they wish (at least it is not the government). What started as a small patter of censorship with the ouster of Brendan Eich from Mozilla, for example, for donating in support of upholding traditional-marriage via Proposition 8 in California, has now become open technological monopolization of acceptable speech.

But, to be fair, the Western corporate censorship and technological control grid is still child’s play compared to that being rolled out in China.

While Edward Snowden certainly demonstrated the global extent of the US surveillance state, the American elite have not yet openly implemented anything on the level of the Chinese social scoring system. Instead, Americans are leaving the steady encroachment on rights to come from the private sphere and the deluded tech bros of Silicon Valley—for now.

Technological-extremists like Sean Parker of Facebook who brag about how they will become “immortal overlords” by way of transhumanism will serve nicely as the useful fools of the hubris and increasing control of technology over our lives.

However, in China those running the social credit system don’t need to focus on self-aggrandizement since they are encoding the system of social control with ironclad algorithms that will last far beyond human lifetimes. The Chinese system is being built on an existing history of authoritarian oppression that has already sunk deeply into acceptance in popular consciousness.

In China you have an out-of-control technocracy buoyed by billions from its unfair global trade strategy and currency manipulation implementing a system for full domestic control. The implications are staggering. Think of it as beta-testing for the world government.

When the warm and fuzzy feelings fade and the velvet glove comes off, it’s likely there’s an iron fist underneath and there’s a good chance it likes squashing anyone who steps out of line without much fanfare or media coverage at all.

China’s “Iron Fist”

Many Muslims in China are already experiencing China’s “iron fist” as unexplained disappearances increase and being a practicing Muslim becomes a life-threatening scenario treated as a dangerous mental illness by China’s government.

Recent reports state that up to one million Uyghur Muslims in internment camps are physically and psychologically tortured, forced to denounce and disobey their religion, compelled to sing Communist propaganda songs for hours per day, and rewarded or punished based on compliance.

Young Uyghur women are also being forced to marry non-Muslim Chinese men, as the state seeks inroads to usurp and control any avenues of familial, cultural, and religious power outside its current domain.

The highest level of faith in Islam is called ihsan. It entails not just “believing” in God and His sovereignty, but having absolutely no doubt whatsoever that God sees everything you do and will judge you one day. The modern technocratic control grid spearheaded by China is a complete and brazen inversion of this theological concept.

Instead of considering how God will see your actions and words, you must first consider how an all-powerful state technological control grid will see your actions and words. Even the outwardly religious citizen must first consider how their friendships, beliefs, and actions will be run through a computer system to determine their future societal salvation or damnation.

China already exerts autocratic control over who can lead different religious denominations and what ideologies are acceptable.

Christianity in China doesn’t get a free pass, either, with the government taking bold moves to establish greater control of Catholic and Protestants in the country who number around 60 million citizens. Some reports also say some Chinese churches have been getting Crosses burned and shut down. The Chinese government has also taken further steps by banning online sales of the Bible and calling for “the development of a Chinese-style Christian theology.”

Christians would do well to consider the words of 1 Corinthians 13:12 “For now we see through a glassdarkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” This verse, among many others, promises that God knows us fully, and we will one day understand the extent to which this is true and significant for everything we do. This Scripture orients the believer to a life that considers our deeds and words in the context of a divine knowledge of our essence and potential that surpasses our own limited, temporal understanding.

China’s social system in America

The Luciferian magnates of Silicon Valley and Beijing want to know us better than we know ourselves in every respect. They don’t want this power for our own ennoblement or guidance. They want this control in order to fully hamstring us as we run out our days trapped on their giant hamster wheel of economic and social exploitation. Amazon knows what you’ll buy before you do and starts shipping it ahead of time in some cases, known as “anticipatory shipping.”

Do they just do this as cutting-edge business practice? Perhaps, but such a technological ability of predictive psychometrics is powerful beyond belief, particularly in the hands of gargantuan centrally-planned modern states. This is not about feelings or squishy concepts of human rights: this is about who controls the future and what they will work towards in that future.

China is leading the way to an inverted future of totalitarian technocracy full of entitled atheist social engineers running technology systems with borderline supernatural powers. Instead of a moral code based on divine guidance, people will be placed in a cosmic re-education camp and base everything from their social life to their job on what surveillance Skynet wants them to.

Is it really so hard to imagine a future public face of the US spy grid that metes out social scores and compliance ratings to citizen users via a network of smart technology? A system that uses psychometrics and surveillance to analyse and “correct” consumers’ political and religious behaviors is well within the realm of possibility down the road.

These days it seems like powerful forces are trying to make the paranoia of Alex Jones look like muted understatement.

China’s system is the current apex of social engineering elites who want to play God, or the Devil, and are far from joking around about doing exactly that. Those who value freedom of conscience and faith need to realize that the Orwellian Chinese system is not cartoonish hype: it’s a real system coming soon to a country near you unless citizens become passionate advocates of the freedoms ostensibly upheld in Western political philosophy and the US Constitution.

The ink will eventually fade into nothing if it continues to become just words, whether that erasure comes from dictatorial state infringement or out of control technology monopolies. The road to Hell is paved with Google logos and the Communist Chinese flag

Paul Rowan Brian is a freelance journalist who writes on culture, religion and politics. You can find him on Twitter@paulrbrian or visit his website at Republished with permission from The Public Discourse.”

Afghanistan: A nation where Christ’s Church is Growing!

I don’t often reprint an article in full that I have recently read. But I think you will enjoy this one. Half way through you will see the word IsikAbla. Isik was raised a Muslim and married a Muslim in Turkey. Both experiences were abusive. She fled this abuse and arrived in America only to start life over again. She became a Christian and started a TV-internet-social Media ministry to Muslim countries that now reaches millions. She has six million followers on Facebook. So the figures she quotes, though astounding, are accurate.



“A country with 48,000 mosques and not one church building; ranked #3 (behind North Korea and Somalia) on Open Door’s World Watch List of countries where Christian persecution is most severe, is listed by Operation World as the country with the second fastest church growth in the world. That country is Afghanistan.

Not to diminish this fact, but one reason the growth rate appears high is because the evangelical population is so small to begin with. Still, this trend is confirmed by all of our ministry partners working with Afghans both inside and outside the country. There is, without a doubt, a significant, identifiable work of God, such as never before, taking place among Afghans today.

Like in the days of the Apostles where Paul, who was zealous for the Law and guilty of killing and imprisoning Christians was shown grace and had a miraculous conversion where the Lord appeared to him, the same God is at work in Afghanistan. There are mullahs who have come to Christ through supernatural means who have hundreds of followers. Some former Taliban members who have found forgiveness and new life in Christ are staring death in the face and sharing the Lord with other Taliban fighters and leaders.

One surprising statistic surfaced from IsikAbla’s TV, Internet, and social media ministry at the end of 2017. The #1 city worldwide for her Facebook engagements (reactions, comments, and shares) was Kabul, Afghanistan with 182,781. Kabul also ranked #2 in the list of top cities for Facebook followers (behind Cairo) with 315,840.

This figure is even more suggestive of the hunger for the truth among Afghans in that social media users account for only 9% of Afghanistan’s 34 million people, and that access and use of the Internet reaches only about 12% of the population. Eighty percent of users are 18-30 years old.*

Work among Afghan refugees

Our ministry partners also report a significant openness and response to the gospel among Afghan refugees in Iran and Turkey. In an article from Relief Web dated Feb. 7, 2018, it was reported that:

“Four decades of conflict in Afghanistan has led to massive displacement of Afghans across the surrounding sub-region. Iran alone has received around three million Afghan refugees. Close to one million of these have been registered by the government and are thus, afforded protection and are eligible for assistance. However up to two million remain un-documented and therefore have neither formal legal status nor access to assistance. Up to 800,000 of these undocumented refugees are considered to be extremely vulnerable.”

Typically, Iranians are highly educated; Afghans are not. Many Iranians look down on Afghans and treat them badly. But in today’s Persian-speaking church inside Iran you not only see many Afghans coming to Christ, but incredibly, serving alongside Iranians.

Iranian Christians have sought out these Afghan refugees to care for them. The reason they are coming to Christ, as one Afghan put it, is because “Iranians never cared for us, but you (Iranians) have loved us. That is what attracted us to Christ.”

About 70% of the Afghan population speak and understand Afghan Persian (Dari). Thus Iranian believers have also been instrumental in exposing Afghans to modern day, understandable translations of the Scripture that has been a great help in evangelism and discipleship.

Extraordinary results are being seen in Turkey as well, where Iranian refugees have reached out to the Afghan refugees. Some Afghan converts are now pastoring churches and leading many to Christ. One couple alone has led more than 100 people to Christ. Another influence in the move of God inside Afghanistan has been that many of these refugee converts are communicating with their relatives and friends at home. They tell them that they are following the wrong God, then lead them to Christ and disciple them from outside the country.

Major factors influencing the this move of God among Afghans

  1. Prayer

For decades there have been Christians and groups from around the world praying for Afghanistan. Finally, we are seeing the stony ground being cleared so that there is soft soil where the seeds of the Word of God are being planted in people’s hearts. Fruit is beginning to be seen.

Still, many Afghan converts are fearful and lead dangerous lives. Converts must be careful about sharing their faith to avoid persecution by the Islamists, the police, and even their own family members and neighbors. In the village areas where conversion to Christianity is more noticeable and brings shame to families, converts suffer more persecution than in Kabul or the bigger cities. Continue to pray that the breakthroughs we are seeing increase until a full harvest is reaped.

  1. The Blood of Martyrs

Prior to 9/11/2001 many Afghans–tired of war and conflict and fearful of the Taliban who came into power in 1996–fled the country. After 9/11 when the American forces came in and the Taliban were routed and defeated, many Afghans returned with hope and optimism for their country. People believed they had a chance for a new future after decades of war and fighting.

Along with those returning came expats, including a number of Christian missionaries. This started in 2002. A number of Christians came in under the umbrella of various aid and medical groups until 2007-2008 when their numbers began to dwindle. By 2014 most had stopped coming.

Many lives had been lost. A conservative estimate is that around 30-40 missionaries, as well as Afghan converts, were martyred. But an indigenous work, springing from the blood of those martyrs began, and is now spreading.

  1. Fear, War, and Insecurity

Afghanistan has been a war-torn country for decades that has reduced it to ruin and privation. It has survived under the influence and control of many outside powers, including the British, the Soviet Union, and more recently, Western powers. Though the Taliban (which at one time controlled 90% of the country) were beaten back by U.S. and coalition forces, they, along with ISIS continue to be menacing and threatening forces–killing and terrorizing (sometimes innocent children) just to incite fear, subjugation and compliance. Muslims killing other Muslims has also been a factor contributing to the crumbling respect for Islam and the growing openness to alternative beliefs, such as Christianity.

  1. Unemployment

With 40% unemployment, youth and young families see little hope for a future in Afghanistan. Many young men resort to fighting for the Taliban or ISIS just to collect a paycheck. But the depression and despair living in a poor society with little opportunity has made Afghans more open to the good news of a God who loves them, has a purpose for their lives, and can give them hope.

Pray: for this indigenous work of God taking place among the Afghan people.

Pray: Let’s rejoice in the growth of His church and pray for the new believers to be protected, to grow in maturity, and to be effective in outreach to others.

Pray: Also, join our brothers and sisters in Christ in praying for His peace for their war-torn land.

When Was Genesis Written?

In the 19th Century many academics were eagerly embracing the theory of evolution and applying it to all sorts of situations; from human origins, to eugenics, to social structures, and to sadly, to legalise racism. They also applied this presupposition to Judaeo-Christian theology in order to destroy it. All Biblical narrative was suspect and subject to review from academics who had finally unlocked the key to a true understanding of how religions began. German higher critics proposed very successfully that religion evolved from simple to complex structures as society evolved.

The champion of these scholars was Julius Wellhousen. Using what he called the Documentary Hypothesis, he persuasively argued in his Prolegomena to the History of Israel that Genesis was written in the middle of the millennium just before Christ, not a full millennium before that, as stated in the Old Testament. He theorised that there were four authors who wrote the Old Testament from 850BC through to 450BC as a way of justifying social structures. Wellhousen’s theories dominated Biblical studies for a hundred years and still influence critics today.

But is this theory true in the light of discoveries made since he propagated his theories?

First of all we must be very suspicious of any theory that relies on evolutionary presuppositions for its foundation. A multitude of genetic discoveries (links here, here, here, here, here and here) in the last two decades are rapidly undermining the entire superstructure of evolutionary theory and providing startling evidence that our genome is not evolving upward at all but rather heading quite rapidly toward genetic entropy, or in layman’s terms, extinction!

But more importantly there is an abundance of evidence from within the Old Testament itself, and particularly Genesis, that the origin of these writings lies in deep history. Here are some of those evidences for an origin for Genesis somewhere in the early second Millennium BC:

Genesis describes a war in the Middle East between international foes. Many of the names mentioned in Genesis 14:1-9 appear only in the period 2,000-1,500 BC and no later. In addition, only in this era were armies able to move across this area with ease.

Some customs that appear in Genesis do continue into later periods, but their concentration in Genesis is unique. These include the custom of taking a surrogate if ones wife was barren for seven years (Genesis 16:1-4) and a betrothal gift that allows the bridegroom to marry (Genesis 34:12).

The city of Harran appears again and again, in Genesis 11:31-32, 12:4, 27:43, 28:10 and 29:4. Archaeology confirms that this city was occupied and thriving in the early second Millennium BC occupied by coalitions of Amorites.

Grazing in great distances (100km) from one’s home only occurs in Genesis, but not later in the Old Testament. For example, Joseph’s brothers graze their flocks some 100km north of Hebron, in the high country now occupied by Jerusalem. Only in this era and no later do we find confirming evidence from non-Biblical accounts of similar activity by other groups such as the Amorites in Northern Syria.

Benjamin is the only son named by his father after the family migrates south to the area of Bethlehem, just outside Jerusalem. His name is identical to an 18th Century BC tribal confederation that lived in Syria known as the Binu-Yamina, meaning south. The names for his two brothers Asher and Zebulon also only occur in this era in all extra-Biblical records.

Joseph’s brothers sell him for 20 shekels of silver. This was the price of a young male slave only in the second Millennium BC.

The closest parallel to Genesis 1-11 comes not from the 7th Century BC Babylonian Enuma Elish, but from the 18th Century BC Atrahasis Epic.

The global flood mentioned in Genesis 6-9 is confirmed by the Gilgamesh Epic on display at the British Museum and the Atrahasis Epic mentioned above. It is also confirmed by over two hundred indigenous flood legends from around the world.

Some of the names that occur in Genesis 1-11 only occur in extra-Biblical sources from the first half of the 2nd Millennium BC. These include Methuselah, Methushael, Tubal-Cain and Jabal.

As can clearly be seen, the traditional understanding of the timeframe of Genesis is on safe ground. You can read it with confidence in the events spoken of. It is important to note that none of the evidences listed above delve into the extensive scientific evidences for the accuracy of Genesis. They will be tackled in another blog.

Kevin Davis

Last Night I Received A Wonderful Phone Call

Last night I received a very unexpected phone call from my ex-brother in law of 32 years ago. So here’s the background. My first beautiful wife at the time, my 9 week old son and my other younger brother-in-law were needlessly killed in 1986 when the car I was driving was hit by a drunk driver. My mother-in-law was severely injured. I was 25 at the time.

Both adults who were killed were Christians. My wife’s family were largely non-believers in Christ and so the Christian witness in that family was snuffed out with the exception of my ex-mother in law who died in a second car accident some years later.

Now fast forward to last night and who was on the phone but the brother of my first wife whom I hadn’t spoken to for nearly three decades. He called to let me know that he had become a Christian 3 years ago, was going strong for Jesus and thought I might like to know. It was such a thrill to find this out. Then he told me the story I never knew.

He said that when he was about 14 and his sister was 18, she took him to a youth camp and he felt the power and presence of God in a tangible way which resulted in him making a decision to follow Jesus. However, two years later he was drinking heavily and the drink got the better of him for thirty years or more. By his own acknowledgement he became a functioning alcoholic.

Then some three years ago he decided to quit the drink and a few months later he realised he needed “religion” because that’s where he knew the answer was for his life. He knew God was real because of what had happened when he was 14 years old.

So he dusted off the Bible his sister had given him all those years before. Then, surprise, surprise, he found out his doctor was a Christian and after some time this chap invited him to a men’s meeting for believers. That’s when he decided to make a serious turn toward the Lord.

He has since married for the first time to a strong Christian woman. He’s been off the alcohol and is living a happy, purpose-filled life. That’s what the gospel does to people. Its the GOOD NEWS for a suffering world!

Then I was able to tell him some stories of powerful things God had done for other members of his family all those years ago and who were still not believers.

It was a great conversation where we filled in the gaps on our lives.

It was such a thrill to receive that call as I was only just thinking a few weeks ago that it was so sad that there was no Christian witness left in the family. Now I know God is back tapping on their hearts.



What Do Western People Die From?

A few years ago, when teaching senior high school students, I used to ask them this question: What percentage of your peers have died so far? The answer was always nearly zero. Then I would ask them for the biggest killers in the Western world. The answer was largely correct. They suggested cancer and heart disease, car accidents and the like.

I would then tell them the shocking news that around 40% of their peers are dead already! Yes that figure is correct. You see around 40% of Australians (and the figure is the same for most western countries) were killed before they were born. I would then ask the students to look around the room or lecture theater and visualise those missing 40%. The students were shocked.

This huge death rate is not publicised, celebrated or lauded by the secular media because it is a shocking indictment on the culture of sexual convenience that is endemic in the Western world. Sex of any description is now a youthful and legal right, like clean water and housing. When it produces its logical result we destroy that result…children. This is murder on a grand scale, far eclipsing deaths in all wars of the last hundred years and the next leading cause of death. For Australia the figure is around 100,000 children. Children are made in the image of God, we all are. Our worth to our creator is therefore infinite. Satan’s ability to legalise the killing of a being made in God’s image is the ultimate attack on the sovereignty of God.

My wife was almost aborted.

Her mother was a seventeen year old girl who was sexually abused as a child and found herself in a bad situation. Fortunately she insisted on having her child! Imagine how many other life stories we would have and enjoy, how many scientists, poets, artists and personal family and friends there could be, but are missing because of abortion on demand.

One last point. It is this massive rate of killing babies that has resulted in the mass immigration of people into the Western world that we are currently experiencing. Without them our economies would be collapsing and our standard of living falling annually. So, in many ways WE have created the dilution of Western culture, the  domestic Islamist terrorist problem, the immigrant ghettos, the mobs burning cars and the rising sexual violence against women.

In physics there is a law that says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The same is true in culture. The Western world is in decline and will be less than 15% of the global population by the end of this century. The sexual revolution, stemming from a turning away from the Jude-Christian civilisation, is one of the taproots of this demise. The culture next fifty years will be the result of what we are doing right now.

Kevin Davis

Radiometric dating: Assumption One Debunked

Last year I started studying radiometric dating to see if the grand old ages for the earth, as presented by the evolutionary establishment do indeed stack up. This is something every thinking person on the planet should do. Below is a snippet of what I found out and will be in an essay published on the website later this year.

Modern radioisotope dating methods are like watching sand slide through an hour glass and working backwards to find the initial starting time. To trust an hour glass that is running with sand at the bottom we have to know if it was empty when we started, whether the flow has been consistent and unclogged, and whether no sand was added or subtracted from the pile at the bottom before we observed it.

The first of those three assumptions, in science-speak, goes something like this:

When the rock forms and hardens there should only be parent radioactive atoms in the rock and no daughter radiogenic atoms derived by radioactive decay.

If this assumption is violated, then the technique fails and all dates produced are false. If daughter atoms were present then the assumed age would be much older than the real age. Lets look at this assumption in detail to see if it stacks up by looking at the ages given for rocks that have a known historical age.

The potassium-argon (K–Ar) dating method is often used to date volcanic rocks. In using this method, it is always assumed that there was no daughter radiogenic argon in rocks when they formed. The K–Ar method works on the assumption that the radioactive decay ‘clock’ begins to ‘tick’ after the lava cooled and solidified as the argon from radioactive decay was unable to escape and started to accumulate.

For volcanic rocks which cool from molten lava, this would seem to be a reasonable assumption. Because argon is a gas, it should escape to the atmosphere due to the intense heat of the lava. It also assumes that no argon from radioactive decay was present initially. We can test these assumptions by studying modern lava flows of a known historic date.

In 1996 geologist Andrew Snelling investigated lava flows from Mt Ngauruhoe in New Zealand (Mt Doom in the Lord of the Rings movies!). Eleven samples were collected from five recent lava flows that occurred in 1949, 1954 and 1975.

The samples were sent progressively in batches to Geochron Laboratories in Boston for whole-rock potassium-argon (K–Ar) dating. Geochron is a respected commercial laboratory, with the K–Ar lab manager having a Ph.D. in K–Ar dating. The ‘dates’ obtained from the K–Ar analyses ranged from 0.27 to 3.5 (± 0.2) million years for rocks which were observed to have cooled from lava 25–50 years ago. The lab manager kindly re-checked his equipment and re-ran several of the samples, producing similar results. This ruled out a systematic lab error and confirmed that the low results were real.

Clearly, the argon content varies greatly within these rocks. Some geochronologists would say <0.27 million years is actually the correct ‘date’, but how would they know that 3.5 million years was not in fact the correct ‘age’ if they did not already know the lava flows were recent?

Because these rocks are known to be less than 50 years old, the K–Ar dates in the hundreds of thousands of years must be due to excess argon the rock inherited from the magma deep in the earth when the rock first formed. When the lava cooled the rocks contained higher than zero concentrations of normal radiogenic argon, which is indistinguishable from daughter radiogenic argon derived by radioactive decay of its parent potassium.

Some critics have argued that the magma must have picked up chunks of old rock as it moved through the Earth. They claim, without evidence, that these pieces of old rock, xenoliths, contaminated the sample and gave the very old age. Dr Austin anticipated this line of criticism and was particularly careful to identify xenoliths and ensure none were included in the sample. Other critics suggested feldspar crystal size gave wrong ages. This criticism was also anticipated, and proved incorrect as the old ages came from multiple crystals.

In another obvious example of dating error, rock samples from a lava dome within the Mount St Helens in the USA were dated using the K-Ar method. Whole-rock samples gave ages from 1.0 to 3.5 million years. However, the lava dome only formed after Mount St Helens exploded in 1980 and the samples were just 10 years old at the time the samples were tested. Similar errors have been compiled for historically known lava flows in Hawaii, Mt Etna in Italy, Mt Lassen in California and the Sunset crater in Arizona.

These examples of dating error clearly violate assumption number one of radioactive dating. The bottom of the geological hourglass was not empty of radioactive “sand” when it was flipped. Therefore, all potassium-argon tests and dates for the earth’s basement rocks are invalid. If the method fails on rocks when we have an independent eye-witness account, then why should we trust it on other rocks where there are no independent historical cross-checks?

In regards to rocks of unknown history but the same origin and location, radioisotope dating often gives us vastly inconsistent ages. This is another clue that daughter atoms were present when the rocks were formed. One study took samples of rock from the Grand Canyon and tested their ages with respected laboratories. Seven samples from one rock formation, which should all be the same age because they belong to the same metamorphosed basalt lava flow, gave ages ranging from 1,060 million to 2,574 million years. This includes two samples only 0.84 meters apart that yielded K-Ar model ages of 1,205 million years and 2,574 million years respectively. Is it any wonder that preconceived assumptions about the age of the earth play such a huge role in the dates that are accepted and those that are rejected?

Kevin Davis


Australia Has a New Prime Minister: Here’s Why

The beauty of a coup d’etat in Australia is that there is no blood, no armies on the streets, no popular lynchings…not much fuss at all really.

And so it was that we had another political coup last week, the fourth in about eight years. Our Prime Minister, the uber rich Malcolm Turnbull, was ousted by his own party and Scott Morrison, a conservative evangelical Christian  was parachuted in. The main conspirator, Peter Dutton, was wisely left out to dry.

So, what’s going on inside the liberal party?

Dutton built his campaign around a return to conservative values. He was an ex-policeman from Queensland, the heart state conservative values and the Bible belt (albeit a very thin one) of Australia. There were even whispers coming from the Liberal that Turnbull was a secret leftist. The majority have now agreed, especially since they were so far behind in the polls that their own political heads were on the line. Scott Morrison was seen as a return to core values, without Dutton’s baggage.

This is a shift that aligns with the ideological battles that are reshaping global politics.Internationally, people are reclaiming the idea of national identity: First there was Brexit, then we almost got a Frexit and now there is something of an Italexit going on. Eastern Europe has kicked out all of George Soros’ NGO’s and refuses to take any Muslim refugees. And then there is Trump, whom some say is crazy, but who is a very clever man indeed. The first truly independent president since WW2.

This is a blow-back against globalisation; a rejection of political elites such as Hillary Clinton and liberal world-order politics-as-usual: Unbridled immigration, free trade for the worlds multinationals at the expense of sovereign objections, Western energy policies being pushed at emerging market economies. These have become defining issues. The push-back is disrupting the cozy elites who thought they had taken control of western democracies in the name of the G20, the European Union, the UN security council, the major central banks, the Bank of International Settlements, the IMF, the globally significant/too big to fail financial institutions, transnational business and ultra-wealthy investors run the world as a loosely connected club.

At the end of the day there are vast political and religious differences between this elite, but they are united by finance and the vast power that comes with it. The 6,000 people that run the world, most of whom attend the Davos conference each year, and who also control the G20, run the IMF, preside over the UN, lead the big banks, the sovereign wealth funds and big business, have a huge vested interest in the current financial architecture. It’s their system, their baby, and they benefit the most.

Populists, conservatives, or the deplorables; whatever you call them, they want their democracies back. We handed leadership to the elites a generation ago. They have ignored local steel workers, electronics workers, small business owners and unemployed, then shunt their own internationalist social agenda to the fore by transferring their production bases to low wage environments. Now people are trying to boot them out and get our countries back. Its happening all through Europe, America and now Australia. Those left behind by the elites are now being heard after being ignored too long, drowned out by the mantra of “free trade”, which has allowed China to break every rule in the free trade book.

We are now in the era of deplorables’ revenge. We are in a ideological border war between nationalists, mainly on the right, and multicultural globalists mainly on the left.

Here in Australia, questions of climate change, energy policy, Islamic immigration, freedom of speech and religion, Chinese political interference, and the rising political power of the homosexual lobby have been weaponised in an ideological battle to win back the soul of the Liberal Party, to reclaim it for its conservative base. Too many have defected to minor parties.

Lets see if Scott Morrison can stem the tide and win them back!

Kevin Davis


The Spiritual History of the Twentieth Century

The 20th Century contained many exceptional spiritual events that have forever changed the nature of the world. First, there was the death of the Christendom model of Christianity in the Western world under the withering onslaught of evolutionary materialism. Second, there was a major changing of the guard with the spectacular rebirth of true Christianity in the developing world. Third, there was the attempt to impose militant Atheism on the whole globe which had failed spectacularly by 1989. Fourth, there was the greatest number of martyrs in the history of the church. Finally, there was the late re-emergence of an Islamic pride which threatened to influence the world both demographically, through large scale immigration, and by direct force. Now let’s unpack that list.

The 20th century started with spiritually significant revivals in Wales and California. The former was the last of the spiritual harvests that had periodically touched both America and England in the previous century. The latter was something new, fresh from the Book of Acts. For the first time in nearly two millennia the gifts of the Holy Spirit were being activated, first by black American Christians and then by whites. Miracles, healings, words of knowledge and discerning of evil spirits now became common practice for a small but growing number of evangelical Christians. Like other eras when lost knowledge came back into practice, the Pentecostal movement was initially lampooned and ridiculed by mainstream churches.

As the two world wars rolled by, and Communism steamrolled previously nominal Christian countries. Western Christians, and especially those in Europe, became increasingly despondent about the future. To make matters worse, liberal theology, based on evolutionary humanism now made deep inroads into previously evangelical denominations across the continent. As a result, the great era of European Protestant missions came to a halt and church attendance declined sharply in all of Europe. Those that kept their faith retreated into defeatist cultural backwaters. Evangelicals now viewed the future as one belonging to Satan via the anti-Christ, instead of Jesus via the onward expansion of his Kingdom. Christians began retreating from social engagement and manned the barricades of the local church. Secularism was triumphant.

The cause of this decline can be traced to the cosy relationship that existed between church and state for over a thousand years called Christendom. But now governments were firmly secular and the state-financed churches were a relic of a past that had allowed church leadership to grow spiritually lazy and increasingly humanist. Only in the free churches where there was no state involvement did evangelical Christianity survive the century in Europe.

In the USA all denominations were free churches, competing for market share. So those that embraced liberal theology, such as the Anglicans, Methodists, Congregationalists and Presbyterians, started to die quickly after the 1950’s. Conservative denominations, such as the Baptists and Pentecostals continued to hold ground or grow significantly as the century progressed until the last decade where they too started to decline in absolute numbers. The USA exited the century with 84 million people self-reporting as evangelicals, but only a quarter of that figure reported as adhering to orthodox Christian beliefs. The Mormon sect was the only group to experience sustained growth throughout the entire century. The year 2000 saw the secular majority culture of the USA turn openly hostile toward evangelical expressions of Christianity.

Outside of European Christendom and its Anglo-Saxon colonies the first 60 years of the century were a dark period for the Gospel. Missionaries were being driven out from former colonies as churches came to represent colonial impositions. Local church leaders were harassed. Communism was violently hostile to any expression of the Christian faith. Martyrs multiplied and the era from 1916 to 1989AD saw some 45 million Christians killed for their faith, three quarters of them at the hands of Communists determined to exterminate Christianity. This was the greatest shedding of blood the church had ever experienced in 2000 years. The seed of the great 19th century evangelical missions movement was dying, or so it seemed.

Then, in the decades from 1960-80, something changed. Freed from colonial leadership, vibrant indigenous churches began to multiply. The changes was first noticed in Africa and South America, then in China, Asia, India and finally inside Islam itself. These churches did not have the 2000 years of cultural baggage and tradition of the Western churches as they were penetrating their host culture for the first time. The Gospel message also became increasingly evangelical and Pentecostal/Charismatic, with signs and wonders following. These people understood the dark power of the spiritual realm inside their own cultures and attacked it head on with the power of the Holy Spirit. By 1980 the growth of these churches had become so significant that they were 50% of Christian believers globally, or some 100 million in absolute numbers.

Then, in the final two decades of the 20th century this new and dynamic expression of the church surged to 75% of all believers on the planet, approximately 300 million in absolute numbers. This was the greatest gathering of souls into the Kingdom of God in world history, and possibly the greatest we will ever see, given the falling birth rates around the planet at present. Some statistics are needed to demonstrate the magnitude of the harvest:

Country (Top 10) Millions of believers in 1960 Millions of believers in 2000
China 2 70
Nigeria 2.4 28
India 2.4 25
Brazil 2.4 22
Ethiopia 1 13
Philippines 0.7 12
Kenya 1.3 11
Uganda 0.8 11
Congo DR 1.3 10
Indonesia 1 9
Totals 15.3 million 201 million

As you can see the majority of the growth occurred in Africa, but in absolute numbers the growth in China eclipses them all, and this was in a country where becoming a Christian could get you killed. The strength of individual commitment in all these countries is high as they were first generation Christians coming from unsympathetic backgrounds that covered Atheism, Hinduism, Islam, Catholicism and tribal religions. The fire of persecution had purified the church and burnt off the dross of Western cultural baggage.

The inclusion of Indonesia is very significant, as it is the world’s largest Muslim country. In the 1960’s there was an attempted Communist coup. Some half a million suspected Communists were executed and the population were told to choose one of the four great religions. Many Muslims chose Christianity. This mass movement has now spiritually matured into the world’s largest ex-Muslim church.

Elsewhere in the Islamic world there was no significant openness toward Christianity until around 1980. But in the next two decades there were some 11 people movements of a thousand or more coming into true Christianity in Algeria, Iran (2), Albania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Bangladesh, the Sahel in West Africa and Kazakhstan. These were small, but highly significant because apart from the two 19th Century indigenous movements from Islam into Christianity in Indonesia and Ethiopia, these were the first ever recorded spiritual harvests in Muslim countries. Something was changing and would be the harbinger of things to come. The rise of Islamic extremism was being matched by defections to the one true God.

The world finished the 20th Century with 6 billion people needing food and shelter and salvation. True Christians now numbered 7% of that population, up from about 1% of the 1.6 billion in 1900. It was truly a great spiritual harvest. However, it was actually accelerating into the close of the century so the best was yet to come for the expansion of the Kingdom of God on planet earth.

How to Run a House Church

I spent ten years earlier this century on the house church journey, seeking to disciple those Jesus drew from our neighbourhood, discipling my own children as they watched and caught the vision of our journey and anyone who came to our home church via meal invitations, social settings and relationship building. It was a great journey until my wife endured a seven year cancer journey and we had to put it all on hold. We learned so much about true Christianity, the ministry of Jesus and the continuing ministry of the Holy Spirit. The highlight was attending the inaugural world house church conference in New Delhi back in 2009. In four days we got a glimpse of what God is doing globally. It is staggering! Now it is time to pass on some of the wisdom we built up so you can avoid the traps we fell into.

The link here takes you to the rest of this article which was first published in 2011.

Kevin Davis