Persecution Begins On Australian University Campuses

Last night I listened to the story of Joshua, one of over 40 young Australians hauled before university star chambers over the last two years for the sin of sharing their faith on campus. You can listen to his 15 minute story here, or read my rough summary below.

Joshua was in the habit of sharing his faith on campus in sensitive ways. While studying with a fellow student toward the end of semester, the other student expressed some anxiety over the end of semester pressure. Joshua offered to pray for her. She accepted and expressed thanks for his prayer. She then announced she was an atheist. End of story.

Shortly after this event Joshua was asked (baited?) in class as to what he thought of homosexuals. He said he would not judge them and accept them, but would not condone their behaviour. He then asked the girl he had prayed for what she thought. She did not answer. He thought she had not heard him, so he asked two more times, eventually realising she deliberately did not answer him.

A few weeks later he was called before a tribunal to answer allegations of harassment. He was told he was not to share his views on homosexuals, not to share his religion, and was to not engage with this woman except in official group activities.

A few weeks after this ordeal Joshua was in charge of a fundraising activity with the class in which the woman was part of. Everyone in the class was asked for ideas, including the woman. Shortly after Joshua was hauled before the tribunal again and told he was being suspended from the university for six months and could only return if he submitted to counselling on appropriate behaviour. guilty till proven innocent is apparently how these star chambers work.

That’s when he phoned the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) and was put in touch with their legal adviser. We do not know the outcome from this point on. ACL has now had to help over 40 such cases of Christians being targeted by Atheists and others on Australian campuses. Their crime is offending someone, hurting their feelings. Wow! The subjective world of insecure people is now the standard of justice. Not crime, not abuse, but hurting the feelings of insecure people.

How long will it be before Christians in the Western world start going to jail for offending some poor little soft soul who can’t handle the world where people have a different point of view than their own?

Kevin Davis