Gender Dysphoria and Maternal Psychology

We are told, in no uncertain terms these days, that if a child thinks it is a girl or boy when their body has the opposite biology then we should accept this as a fact. But it all depends on what causes the problem. It is not caused biologically. We can’t appeal to genetics. The cause has to be something that happened after birth. The problem is mental not physical. It’s in the mind, not the brain.

A major cause it turns out is the psychology of the mother. No surprises there. A major study in the American Journal of Child-Adolescent Psychology has found that mothers of gender dysphoria children had a 53% rate of borderline personality disorders or depression compared to 6% in the general population.

It seems we have once again caved in to a politically motivated agenda to re-engineer our social conscience based on our feelings of compassion for a very mixed up minority of children. Perhaps we should be looking much more closely at the psychological trauma associated with poor parenting, divorce, drug addiction and  sexual/psychological abuse that is much more common now than in the past when families were more intact. As the avanche of emotionally wounded children has now matured into parents we are reaping what we have sowed.

but then that would make us adults and our western culture of selfishness and sexual licence accountable for our actions wouldn’t it. And we can’t have that.

Kevin Davis